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Tools used in orthodontics

Orthodontics is a treatment method for people who have crooked teeth. And this treatment helps them to fix dental abnormalities, and sort and align teeth. This treatment lasts about two to four years. And finally, it gives a person a beautiful smile with neat teeth. This treatment requires a series of special tools. In this article, we talk about this issue.

Fixed orthodontics

  Fixed orthodontics is such that the patient cannot remove the orthodontic device from his mouth. In the fixed orthodontic device, the orthodontic components are called brackets. Brackets are glued and fixed on the teeth. It should be mentioned that the fixed orthodontic treatment method, unlike mobile treatments, does not depend on the patient’s cooperation.

Orthodontics for athletes

People who do certain sports, such as sports that involve a lot of contact with the opponent, should inform their doctor and sometimes they need to use gum-protective devices.

Fixed orthodontic appliances

The tools used in fixed orthodontics are the most common tools used for this treatment. People who use this method of treatment can easily eat all kinds of food and drinks like normal people. Examples of fixed orthodontic appliances include:


Braces themselves include brackets, wires, and bands. The bands are fixed tightly around the teeth and act as an anchor for the braces, while the brackets are usually attached to the front teeth. The tighter the wire arch, the more pressure is applied to the tooth. Over time, this pressure causes the tooth to be placed in its proper place. The person must go to the dentist in Kingston every month to adjust or tighten the braces. Orthodontic treatment in this way may take several months to several years. Braces are available in clear, colorless, and colored types.

Fixed space holder

If a child loses a baby tooth, these special tools prevent two adjacent teeth from moving into the empty space until the permanent tooth grows. A band is connected to one of the teeth adjacent to this empty space and a wire moves from the band to one of the teeth. The side effects of not using a space retainer usually appear in the form of a permanent tooth remaining hidden.

Moving space holder

This expression is an alternative method to the static space maintainer method.

Habit breakers

This tool helps to control the pressure applied through the tongue or finger sucking. Using these tools while eating causes discomfort to the person, so they should be used in other cases except when eating.


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