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The Role of Gums in human health

The gums are one of the most important parts of the body. The teeth, which are another important part of the body, are placed on it. And if there is a problem with the gums, there is a possibility of causing problems with the teeth. In general, all body parts are related. If a problem occurs in one member, it affects others. For example, if a problem occurs in the teeth, because of the problem in chewing, the poorly chewed food is sent to the digestive system. And this issue puts pressure on the digestive system. And as a result, digestive problems are created.

The role of gum health on body health is one of the most important topics in medical science. For example, it has been found that there is a close relationship between gum disease and dementia. It is also effective against cardiovascular diseases. And many other diseases in the body are related to the health of the gums. Therefore, it is better to have information about the health of the gums.

What are the causes of gum disease?

As you know, the mouth is a suitable environment for the growth of bacteria. These bacteria can be both useful and harmful. The ratio of these two types inside the mouth is almost the same. If for any reason the balance of these two types of bacteria is disturbed. It causes problems for the body. Pathogenic bacteria are called pathogens in medical science. Pathogens are the main cause of gum disease. These pathogens cause gum inflammation and activate the body’s defense system.

When you do not observe oral hygiene and its basic principles, i.e. brushing and flossing. You should wait for the main problems of the gums. So that after feeding, plaque is formed on the teeth and gums. These plaques are soft at first. And they are easily cleaned by brushing. But if oral and dental hygiene is not observed, these plaques become hard and mineralized over time. And this issue causes problems in the gums.

The relationship between gum health and other diseases

We know the causes of gum disease. Now let’s know a little about the impact of gum disease on other organs.

Cardiovascular disease

Most cardiovascular patients did not follow oral and dental hygiene well. In general, much research has been conducted on this issue and it has been determined that disease-causing pathogens in the gums go to other parts of the body through the blood. One of the areas they are interested in is the heart vessels. Pathogens go to the heart through the blood circulation. And they create serious problems there.

Pulmonary diseases

Pathogens that cause disease in the gums go to the lungs through the throat. They usually go to the lungs with water droplets in the tail. And they multiply there.

Problems during pregnancy

Pathogens can enter the placenta through the mouth of pregnant women and cause problems in it. The result of this problem can be premature birth. Pregnant women with gum disease are usually 7 times more likely to give birth prematurely than normal


Diabetes and gum diseases are two diseases that have a reciprocal relationship and intensify each other’s effects. So that people who have diabetes get gum disease. They can hardly control the complications of diabetes during the illness.

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