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The most important tool used for root canal treatment

Root canal treatment or denervation depends a lot on the instrument used for root canal treatment. Today, one of the most widely used methods in dentistry is root canal treatment. Root canal treatment helps people to fix various problems in the root of the tooth without removing the tooth from their mouth and to use their original tooth again by removing the living nerve of the tooth. Root canal treatment is used for teeth that have a high level of decay and are infected.

To perform root canal treatment, special tools are used, each of which has a specific role in the treatment. In this article, we are going to introduce the tools used for root canal treatment and get acquainted with the set of tools of this treatment method.

What is root canal treatment?

This treatment is used to repair and correct the damage in different parts of the tooth nerve by removing tooth decay. Root canal treatment is usually performed when the decay has passed through the surface of the tooth enamel and dentin and has reached the tooth nerve.

In this case, the doctor uses special tools to remove caries on the surface of the tooth, and after that, the infected parts of the tooth are completely drained, the living nerves in the tooth are also removed, and the root canals of the tooth are cleaned. Then, using special materials, the tooth root canals are filled and all parts of the tooth are repaired and modified.

The most important tool used for root canal treatment

A dental specialist must have special tools for successful root canal treatment. Root canal treatment, whether normal or specialized, must be done using basic tools. The tools used for primary tooth root treatment include a dental mirror, endodontic probe, periodontal pocket measuring probe, hand tools, k file, furcation probe, locking forceps, Rubber Dam, excitor or drill, special radiography tools, barboach, reamer, glasses. , apron, and… pointed out. In the rest of the article, we are going to get to know these tools used for root canal treatment and the effectiveness of each one.

  • Dental mirror

One of the most common tools used to treat root canals and other dental and oral problems is the dental mirror. These mirrors have special features and are different from ordinary mirrors. Using a regular mirror while examining the hole created for root canal treatment causes the image to repeat and makes it difficult for the dentist in Toronto to inspect the tooth accurately. However, the special dental mirror prevents the images from folding in two during the examination of the tooth cavity.

  • Endodontic probe

When diagnosing a root canal cavity, it is very necessary and important to be accurate in its location. The endodontic tool is very useful in this field and is used to diagnose the root canal entry. It is one of the most important tools used for root canal treatment.

  • Periodontal pocket measurement probe

The periodontal pocket measuring probe is used to check and measure the periodontal pocket, and the name of the probe indicates its use.

  • Hand tools

Hand tools are standard tools that are used to cut different parts of the tooth and treat its root. Hedstrom hand files are one type of hand tool. Hand tools play an important role in preparing the root canal for measurement and are produced in various types. Of course, today they use other methods to treat the root of the tooth. These new tools have improved the treatment process compared to manual tools.

  • file k

One of the types of manual tools is k-file. This file is usually produced as a square or double triangle piece that is bent to create tight curves. The included blade and angled grooves along with the handle on this file make it easy to use for root canal preparation. Of course, the initial sample of this file has had many changes compared to its current sample. This tool has a series of angles and has caused two sharp blades to be created in it. It also has smaller dimensions, which has increased its flexibility compared to most old files.

  • Furcation probe

The main application of the furcation probe is to detect the location of tooth root separation. Probe furcation is usually produced in the form of a box that has a series of special items and these materials are used in root canal treatment. The materials in this box include sterile cotton, sterile gauze, forceps used to take periapical radiographs, metal ruler, or other tools used to measure the root and canal of the tooth.

Also, a clean base or a table is needed to keep the tools used for root canal treatment. For this purpose, it is better to prepare a 5-part sterile box to use the furcation probe tool. Also, all tools used for root canal treatment must be sterilized before starting the treatment, and in this way, the dentist will prevent the infection from being transmitted to the gums or the mouth of people.

  • Locking pliers

During nerve extraction, small things can be held by using locking forceps and used during root canal treatment.

  • Rubber Dam

Rubber Dam is one of the most essential tools in root canal treatment. Rubber Dam can protect the root canal treatment site from any type of contamination. Also, the use of a rubber dam can prevent the sudden entry of medicine or materials and tools used during root canal treatment into the patient’s throat. It also separates the lip and tongue from the tooth under treatment and thus increases dental visibility.

  • Executor or digger

Excitor is one of the most useful tools in dentistry, and its role as a tool used for root canal treatment is very important. A digger is a long rod with a sharp blade. It is used to remove caries on the tooth or the dressing on the denervated tooth. There are different types of excavators and different sizes

  • Special tools for radiography

Radiography is one of the most important tools for endodontic specialists. The resolution of the image of the teeth captured through radiographic tools is very high, and the structure of all parts of the tooth is provided to the surgeon using this tool. Imaging with radiographic tools is repeatable. Also, various examinations of tooth root tissue improvement can be done more accurately through radiographs.

  • barboach

Removal of dead tissue from the tooth is done through an important tool called a barboach. The vital role of barboach in endodontic treatment was recognized when it was recognized as the only tool to remove a significant amount of infected tissue in the tooth.

  • Reamer

Another tool used for root canal treatment is Reamer. The appearance of this tool is triangular or round and hollow. It has a spiral rotation mode and the blades of this tool are smaller than the file. As the dentin on the tooth is moved through the canal through the tool, the Reamer simply cuts it. The way this tool works is to cut in a quarter or half turn. Also, the way this tool works is round-trip.

  • Waterproof goggles and apron

During dental work and root canal treatment, to increase the protection of the patient, glasses for the patient’s eyes can be used to prevent the material from spilling or the tool hitting the patient’s eyes. Also, another tool used for root canal treatment is a waterproof apron that protects the patient’s body and clothes in case of spillage.


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