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The effect of blood pressure on orthodontic treatment

The best time for orthodontic treatment is before puberty. At this age, the body is still growing and changes are made much faster and easier. In old age, orthodontic treatment occurs under the influence of various cases. These factors may speed up, slow down or even disrupt the treatment process. One of the important factors that have a great impact on the orthodontic treatment process is blood pressure. In this article, we provide you with information about this invoice.

What is blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of the vessels and is known as one of the most important vital signs of humans. Normal human blood pressure at rest is around 100-140 at the highest level and 60-90 at the lowest level. The most normal possible state is 120/70 mm of mercury. If this value is higher than 140 over 90, then the person has high blood pressure.

The effect of blood pressure on the orthodontic treatment process

Blood pressure directly affects the course of orthodontic treatment.

Dry mouth

The most important effect of this disease shows itself when a person uses the blood pressure control drugs he needs. These drugs often reduce the secretion of saliva in the mouth and dry the environment inside the mouth. By reducing saliva and dry mouth, the acidity of the oral environment is reduced and the possibility of tooth decay increases.

Vascular stenosis

During orthodontic treatment, the patient often experiences stress and nervous tension. This issue can cause the narrowing of blood vessels or heart attacks in patients with high blood pressure.

Enlargement of the gums

High blood pressure causes enlarged gums. Therefore, the patient must observe oral and dental hygiene during the treatment period.

Tooth extraction

One of the tasks that must be done in orthodontics is tooth extraction. For patients with high blood pressure, tooth extraction may cause problems.

Oral and dental infection

In people who have high blood pressure, the risk of contracting oral and dental infections increases infinitely.

Blood pressure control during orthodontic treatment

By controlling blood pressure during orthodontic treatment, its unwanted effects on the body can be reduced. Some of the most important points that can be used for the negative effects of blood pressure during orthodontic cast can be mentioned below. Check your blood pressure regularly.

  • Get under the care of a cardiologist.
  • Control your weight.
  • Take care of your mouth and teeth regularly and according to the instructions of your orthodontic specialist.
  • Minimize your salt intake.
  • Take the medications prescribed by your orthodontist regularly.
  • Keep in touch with your orthodontist regularly and see him if needed.
  • If your gums become swollen and inflamed, avoid touching them and immediately consult your orthodontist.
  • Control your stress.

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