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The difference between the implant and dental prosthesis

Implants and dentures are two common ways to replace and restore missing teeth. If you have a question about which one to use for your treatment, we will try to compare these two treatment methods in this article.

Method of treatment

In implant surgery, a screw made of titanium with high compatibility with the body is placed in the jaw and a coating is placed on it. But for prosthetics, a mold is first made according to the patient’s jaw, and then the empty space of the mouth is filled with artificial teeth.

Fixed and mobile

The implant is fixed and has no looseness, but the dental prosthesis or artificial tooth is mobile and comes out of the tooth. And you should be extremely careful about its hygiene.

Type of implant and prosthesis

The implant is made of titanium, which is highly compatible with the body. But the prosthesis is made of porcelain. Titanium is a stronger material than porcelain. Therefore, the implant has a higher durability compared to the prosthesis.


In terms of cost, the implant method is much more expensive than the prosthesis. Prosthesis costs less than implants and is economical. Of course, in the long term, considering that the life of the prosthesis is shorter than that of the implant, you will probably have to get a new prosthesis after a few years. This again requires money.

Similar in appearance to the original tooth

A dental implant looks more like a tooth than a prosthesis, and this helps you more in terms of beauty and having a beautiful smile.

Problems of two treatment methods

Many patients who have chosen the artificial teeth method have reported that after a while the teeth fall out of place while talking or eating. If no such complaint has been heard about the implant due to its stability.

Here we mentioned some of the differences between the two treatment methods for tooth placement. Now you can choose your desired treatment method with a more open view, taking into account all the issues.

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