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The difference between fixed and removable dentures

Replacing missing teeth with fixed or removable dentures is one way to improve the appearance of your smile as well as your ability to chew food. Tooth loss can be compensated by various treatment methods in dentistry, for example, dental implants are possible for one or more missing teeth or all teeth. Dental bridges to compensate for gaps between natural teeth, semi-acrylic partial dentures, etc. are examples of compensatory treatments for edentulism. If you are planning to replace your empty teeth with fixed and removable dentures, this article is for you. In the following, we will talk about the difference between fixed and movable dentures and even dentures for young people. Stay with us…

Types of artificial teeth

In this section of the article “Difference between fixed and removable dentures”, we will examine the types of dentures. You should know that to place all types of artificial teeth, the gums and jaw must have the right conditions for placing fixed and mobile artificial teeth.

Prostheses are divided into two types: mobile and fixed:

Fixed prostheses: these types of prostheses are fixed in the mouth and cannot be moved or removed from the mouth. Fixed prostheses include the following treatments:

  • Dental crown: It is a type of fixed prosthesis that is placed in the mouth after being molded and prepared in the laboratory.
  • Bridge: When one or two teeth are missing, the gap can be filled with a bridge. In the bridge, two surrounding teeth are shaved for a proper connection. The bridge is in the shape of the crown of the tooth, it is placed on the surrounding tooth, and in this way, the space of the tooth on the gum is filled. A bridge is a filling that prevents the movement of teeth.
  • Full dental implant or overdenture: In the full dental implant method, which is commonly known as a fixed artificial tooth, the bases are placed in the jawbone. Depending on the treatment plan suggested by the doctor, for example, placing 4 implant bases each separately in the upper jaw or the lower part of the complete implant for both jaws. After a period of 3 to 4 months to restore the gums and jaw bone, the fixed artificial tooth, which covers the implants in an integrated manner, is completely closed on the implant bases. This method is reliable and has an appearance and function similar to a natural tooth.

What is a removable denture?

A movable tooth is a type of dental prosthesis that can be moved anywhere in the mouth and a person can remove it from the mouth at any time. Removable dentures are less expensive than fixed dentures, but they may be uncomfortable for patients due to their impermanence and mobility.

A removable prosthesis or a fully removable artificial tooth is placed for a person if his jawbone does not have enough strength and consistency, or if the jawbone or gums are damaged. Artificial teeth also have different types, which are in the form of complete artificial teeth of all teeth or semi-movable.

The difference between fixed and removable dentures

What is the difference between fixed and movable dentures?! As their name suggests, removable teeth can move anywhere in the mouth, and the patient can take them out of their mouths and put them back in their mouths. Fixed prostheses, however, do not have this capability and are placed in the mouth with special glue or fixed screwing tools and only a doctor can remove the prosthesis from the mouth.

The price of fixed and movable dentures

In this article, we examined the difference between fixed and removable dentures.

To know the tariff of each treatment, it is necessary to check the condition of the mouth, gums, and jawbone by a doctor specialized in dental prostheses so that the required treatment can be done for you.

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