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The difference between digital and traditional implants

Almost all humans on earth have lost their teeth due to various reasons. There are many methods in modern dentistry to replace these missing teeth. Methods such as artificial teeth and implants. With the progress of science, each of these methods changes for more efficiency. For example, different methods have been created for implant treatment. In this article, we are going to provide explanations about the difference between two of these implant methods, i.e. digital and traditional dental implants.

Digital and traditional dental implants

One of the new treatment methods is digital or immediate dental implants. There are differences between these two treatment methods. Most of these differences are related to the procedure and recovery period of the treatment. In general, it does not matter which one you use. The basis of both methods is the same.

The difference between digital and traditional dental implants

  If we want to know about the differences between these two treatment methods, the treatment process and the recovery period of these treatments are different. In short, if we want to say that traditional implants are more durable, digital implants are a faster, painless, and more comfortable method.

Traditional dental implants

Dental implants are metal screws compatible with the body. These screws are inserted into the bone by subgingival surgery. When these screws are in place, they allow the dentist to place the implant cover on them using dental prostheses.

Dental implants are metal screws compatible with the body. These screws are placed inside the bone by gum surgery. When these screws are in place, they allow the dentist in Windsor to place the implant cover on them using dental prostheses.

The length of treatment for this method in a normal person will last between 3-4 months for the lower jaw and 5-7 months for the upper jaw. This period is when the person’s jaw bones have not weakened. If the jaw bones are depleted, a bone graft is needed. And this treatment itself needs at least 3 months to complete the treatment.

Advantages of molar teeth implants

Dental implants are one of the successful methods of dentistry. This treatment method has great advantages. Because of this, this method is considered a revolution in this field. Among the most important of these reasons, the following can be mentioned.

  • The implant has extremely high durability.
  • The strength of implants is very high.
  • Insensitivity of the body.
  • Prevent bone loss.
  • In this method, the side teeth are not damaged. It is a great replacement for missing teeth.

This treatment method, like other treatment methods, is progressing every day. Every day they invent a new method to make this treatment easier and faster. In such a way that the dental implant method that was performed for patients in the past was more complicated than the methods of implanting dental implants in today’s style.

Immediate dental implant

To make the implant treatment easier, this treatment has been invented. In this method, the implantologist uses laser technology. Using a laser, the implants are placed in place without opening the gums. The duration of treatment with this method is much shorter than the traditional method. Know that this implant method, like other methods, requires proper density and quality of the jaw bone.

Advantages of digital implants

  • It does not require complicated and painful surgeries.
  • Antimicrobial properties of laser energy.
  • Immediate implants are infinitely more advanced than traditional implants in terms of dental techniques.
  • Stimulating the healing of gum tissue in the area of implant implantation using laser technology.
  • Traditional surgery for implant implantation was done in several sessions, but an immediate implant, it can be done in one session.
  • The least amount of damage to the gum tissue.
  • Immediate implants are performed on the same day after the extraction of damaged teeth.
  • The process of implanting teeth using the digital implant method is done very quickly, unlike traditional dental implants which take months.


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