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The best color for dental composite

One of the important factors in choosing the color of composite or dental laminate is choosing the whiteness of the materials used for teeth. One of the most popular tooth composite colors is bright white, and depending on the conditions, its brightness varies. The composite color and shape of your teeth have a great impact on your face. Pay attention to the point that after the dental composite, taking care and following the principles of dental hygiene is very important and will help a lot in the longevity and stability of the composite color.

Important factors for choosing composite color

  • Skin color (white or green)
  • The amount of teeth protruding
  • Short and long teeth
  • Jaw shape
  • The shape of the lips
  • the person’s age
  • Job (depending on working conditions and presence in the community)

Dental composite color is divided into 4 categories. A, B, C, D, whose range of colors is white, yellowish and gray. There are 4 bright colors in each category, number 1 being the brightest.

Beauty is not just teeth whitening!

Beauty is not just teeth whitening! Rather, the order and coordination of the teeth should be considered and the smile should follow the curve of the lower lip so that the face looks more attractive. These options are important factors in choosing dental composite color that must be taken into consideration.

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