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The best age for children’s orthodontics

One of the most important tips for maintaining oral and dental health is regular visits to the dentist from childhood. With regular visits and periodical checkups since childhood, oral and dental problems can be treated from the very beginning and before the disease gets worse. One of these problems can be a disorder of the teeth or jaw problems, in which case the condition of the teeth and jaw should be examined by an orthodontist. Meanwhile, the main question is, what is the best age for children’s orthodontics?

Orthodontic; Treatment for all ages

According to the recommendations of the American Orthodontic Association, it is better for children from the age of 7, in addition to regular visits to a pediatric dentist, to undergo a dental evaluation by a pediatric orthodontic dentist to solve jaw problems or treat dental abnormalities as soon as possible.

Aligning the teeth and in other words, straightening the teeth with all types of orthodontics can be done and possible by an orthodontist at any age, but it is better to start orthodontics from childhood. Orthodontics from childhood helps prevent serious injuries and complex, long, and expensive treatments.

What is the best age for children’s orthodontics?

The answer to this question completely depends on the degree of abnormality of the teeth and jaw problems. The appropriate age to start orthodontics is usually 9 years old for boys and 8 years old for girls, but due to specific jaw problems, it may be necessary to start orthodontic treatment earlier, so visiting an orthodontist regularly is one of the necessary measures to maintain teeth health. and regular orthodontic checkups.

It is important to note that if the orthodontic treatment is put behind the ear in time and you do not visit for orthodontics at the right time when the teeth can be adjusted with the mobile orthodontic method, parents putting the ear behind the ear may not be more effective than visiting on time. and the need for jaw surgery by a doctor specializing in maxillofacial surgery, as a result of all these discussions, more difficult and expensive treatments can be avoided by visiting an orthodontic specialist and regular teeth checkup by a pediatric dentist in Kingston.

Does children’s orthodontics hurt?

The question of many clients or parents to start their child’s orthodontic treatment is, does children’s orthodontics hurt? Don’t worry, when the treatment starts and when the orthodontist starts attaching the orthodontic bracket and closing the orthodontic O-ring, the child will not feel any pain or discomfort.

The feeling that the general public refers to as orthodontic pain is when a few hours after finishing attaching the brackets, a person feels a little discomfort, which is completely normal.

Maximum age for orthodontics

As mentioned, orthodontic treatment has no age limit and it is not possible to say what the maximum age is for orthodontics. As long as the person has healthy gums and jawbone, it is possible to fix the abnormality of the teeth and fix the teeth with various orthodontic methods.

But when there is atrophy of the jaw bone or gum atrophy, orthodontic treatment cannot be effective, and jaw surgery treatments or bone grafting or gum grafting should be used along with it.



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