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The benefits of using an orthodontic retainer

Orthodontic braces create a beautiful smile for different people. And the retainer protects that smile, fixing it forever. The use of braces followed by orthodontic retainers can significantly improve the overall health of the mouth and teeth in addition to improving the smile design of people.

Although tooth retainers are usually used to maintain the state and position of teeth after aligning with braces, the benefits of its use are not limited to stabilizing the position of teeth.

Do you know that using a retainer can help solve or at least reduce speech problems in children? Using this tool especially in children can be very effective. If you intend to prepare or use this orthodontic product, it is better to learn more about the advantages, benefits and some other tips about orthodontic retainer. In this article, you will learn about some of the advantages of this tool.

Why should we use an orthodontic retainer?

Dental retainers are mostly used as the last step of orthodontic treatment. After the braces are removed, the teeth can return to their original position. Therefore, long-term use of retainers can help maintain straight teeth.

Get rid of bacteria and plaque

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), teeth that are straight are much easier to brush, clean, remove plaque, and reduce cavities. But this is not the only benefit of having smooth and aligned teeth. Having equal teeth helps people, especially children, to chew their food properly and to perform a large part of the digestive process, namely chewing, correctly.

By chewing better, people get more nutrients from eating food. One of the benefits of being able to chew food better is increased saliva production. More saliva means an increase in the number of digestive enzymes, to reduce plaques and reduce cavities in the teeth. Therefore, orthodontic retainer can help different people to chew food better by straightening the teeth.

Retainer helps in the management of diabetes

Correct use of retainer in both children and adults can help to align the teeth. In addition, it can be said with certainty that oral and dental hygiene and maintaining the overall health of the mouth is much easier and more effective with the help of this orthodontic tool.

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), poor oral and dental health can have adverse effects on the body of people with diabetes and aggravate their problems.

Therefore, since the orthodontic retainer improves oral health, its use along with regular brushing and flossing can be beneficial for people with diabetes.

Improves breathing

A lesser known benefit of orthodontic retainers is that in some children, it can help improve breathing. Certain types of retainers, according to the dental consumer guide, not only help to straighten the teeth or align the jaw, but are also used to solve the problem of snoring or breathing at night.

It helps to solve speech problems in children

Some children use orthodontic retainers to treat their speech problems. Experts believe that the retainer can help the tongue to be in the right position when pronouncing letters and words. Orthodontic retainers help children with speech problems to pronounce the sounds of different letters and words correctly while learning to develop their vocabulary.

Habit of using retainer and orthodontic retainer

How long it takes to form a new habit is different for each person. You have to make the use of the retainer attractive to your child. So that he can cope with it more easily. Following the following tips can help you get used to using the retainer better and more easily:

  • Choose a large box or carrying case to hold the retainer. If the box or bag has pictures of your child’s favorite cartoon character or movie, it is likely that the child will appreciate it. And he will not forget its place either.
  • Leave a note for your child on a piece of paper. This will make him get used to wearing the retainer sooner. In addition, seeing the note reminds him that he should use his retainer.
  • Just like house keys or car switches that are kept in a special place, put the retainer case in a specific place so that it can be found in time in any situation.
  • Try to reward them. If you give a small reward to encourage your child to use the retainer for a long time, he will be more willing to use the retainer more.

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