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Teeth wear

If during the day your nerves got upset because of your boss and you clenched your teeth unconsciously, know that a danger threatens your teeth and that is tooth wear. Tooth wear is one of the things that happens to teeth and causes the destruction of teeth. In this article, we are going to talk about this treatment problem.

Teeth wear

On the other hand, you must have seen that your teeth slow down by eating lemons. This is another type of tooth wear. If you have one of these teeth wears, read our article to know what emergency measures you can take for your teeth.

Chemical wear of teeth is a process during which tooth enamel or dentin is dissolved and destroyed by direct and continuous acid contact.

Chemical wear

Chemical wear of teeth is different from the damage caused by acid produced by decay-causing bacteria located in the tooth pulp. Unlike tooth decay, chemical wear can affect all surfaces of teeth. Direct and continuous acid contact will lead to the gradual loss of tooth enamel.

Finally, the dentin will be left without a protective coating and will lead to toothache, tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods, or tooth decay. Remember that the process of chemical wear of teeth is irreversible.

Grinding teeth in sleep

Grinding usually occurs during sleep, but teeth grinding or grinding during the day is also common. Continuous teeth grinding may wear down the gums and the supporting bones in the mouth.


  • Identifying the problem by the patient and making a conscious effort to quit the habit.
  • Dentist care.
  • Your dentist may make a night guard and place it in your mouth to prevent grinding your teeth while you sleep. A night guard prosthesis consists of removable splints that are placed over the teeth to take the pressure off of improper biting.
  • Counseling to learn ways to cope more effectively with stress may be needed.

How to minimize teeth wear?

  • Do not drink more than one glass of acidic drink during the day.
  • Do not brush your teeth immediately after consuming acidic drinks or vomiting. Because after the contact of the acid with the teeth, the enamel becomes soft and you have to wait until the enamel is strengthened again by saliva. Therefore, brushing teeth immediately after consuming acidic drinks or vomiting accelerates the erosion process of tooth enamel. There should be at least a few minutes between acid contact with teeth and brushing.
  • When brushing, use a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.
  • Rinse your mouth with water for a few seconds after eating acidic foods.
  • Drink juices and sodas with a straw.
  • Chew sugarless gum to stimulate saliva secretion in the mouth.

If you suffer from dry mouth, be sure to see a dentist in Hamilton and get it fixed.


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