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Take the damage of children’s teeth seriously!

Take the damage of children’s teeth seriously! In this article, you will see an endodontic specialist, talking about children’s permanent teeth and the correct treatment process.

Is the failure of milk teeth important?

Many parents, imagining that the teeth of 6-year-old children are milky, ignore their caries and wait for the decayed tooth to fall out by itself and a new and healthy tooth to grow in its place. While the “first permanent tooth” appears behind the last milk tooth without any teeth falling out. Considering the importance of children’s oral and dental health in their growth and development process, it is recommended to pay attention to your child’s oral and dental health from the beginning of the first milk tooth.

When does the first permanent tooth grow in children?

The first permanent teeth appear at the age of 6, behind the baby teeth without any teeth falling out, and most parents do not notice this, because no baby teeth have fallen out, so they think that the tooth behind is also a tooth. It is milk if the tooth that grows at the age of six is a permanent tooth that is supposed to be a guest of the child for the rest of his life.

Deterioration of children’s permanent teeth

Treatment of newly erupted permanent teeth whose decay has reached the nerve:

Many of our clients are children who suffered extensive caries at a young age when their permanent teeth have just erupted. Unfortunately, these caries have reached the nerve.

The root of the tooth usually continues its development process up to three years after tooth eruption. So, we come across a decayed tooth that is supposed to serve the patient for chewing food for the rest of his life, but unfortunately, it has deep decay that has reached the nerve. When these decays occur at a young age, i.e. 7-8 years old, the problem is that the end of the root has not yet formed.

Therefore, we consider measures to preserve the life of the tooth nerve so that the development process of the tooth root continues and this tooth is strong for proper function in the future.

The correct way to treat children’s permanent teeth

A root canal treatment specialist or an endodontic specialist is proficient in this field and using the available materials and his knowledge and skills, he takes measures that can preserve the life of the tooth so that the tooth finds sufficient development and strength to be able to It helps in the process of chewing food correctly.

In some cases, the decay is very extensive and has progressed rapidly, so that the nerve of the tooth is destroyed and the tooth has severe infections. Due to having weak roots, it cannot be maintained.

In this situation, first by preparing an OPG radiograph, we hope that the wisdom tooth bud is present, but unfortunately, in many cases, this happened to the teeth so early that the wisdom tooth bud is not visible yet. But if the patient is at the age when the bud of the wisdom tooth can be seen and the tooth has lost a lot of structure, we request that the newly erupted permanent tooth that has decayed be removed and the space for the back teeth, which is one One of them is to open the wisdom tooth. We hope that the space will be filled to a large extent with the emergence of that tooth and that the process of chewing food will not be disturbed.

The main cause of permanent tooth decay in children

Unfortunately, this happens due to entrusting the responsibility of oral hygiene and brushing to children without parental supervision, while children do not have enough skills to brush these posterior teeth. Sometimes adults do not use enough skills and precision to clean their teeth, and it is too much to expect children to clean their teeth by themselves at the age of five, who still do not have enough skills.

Prevention of tooth decay and damage in children

The misconception of parents and their insistence that these teeth are milky causes a shortcoming in their hygiene. Parents should note that these teeth are newly grown permanent teeth behind the child’s milk teeth and they should take good care of them. Because these teeth decay quickly it is better to prevent this problem to maintain the complete health of the child’s mouth and teeth. But if these teeth suffer from caries, the task of treating them is the responsibility of an endodontist in Hamilton.

As a result, it is recommended that until the age of nine, parents should supervise the brushing of children’s teeth, and the best thing is for parents to help them in this process and brush the back teeth and floss them with Be careful for children.


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