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Take oral diseases seriously!

Understanding oral and dental diseases and diagnosing oral diseases, which is one of the most common infectious diseases, is a branch related to dentistry. Diagnosing the presence of an ulcer or disease in the mouth can be done by an oral, jaw and facial pathology specialist. According to experts, the mouth is a mirror of the body, and the presence of dangerous oral diseases appears with the appearance of their symptoms in the mouth. Among the most important causes of oral diseases are: changing habits and diet, lack of oral and dental hygiene, high-risk sexual behaviors, smoking, neglecting dental health in children, etc. As soon as you see a suspicious lesion in the mouth, see a specialist for oral, jaw and facial ulcers in Canada. Quickly identify and treat oral diseases and lesions by visiting the center for diagnosing diseases and mouth ulcers and consulting with the best specialist in oral, maxillofacial, and oral diseases.

Activities related to oral lesions specialist

  • Diagnosing lesions of the mouth, jaw and face along with photos of the inside of the human mouth (pain or burning sensation, feeling of dry mouth, abnormal color change, presence of bumps, etc.)
  • Biopsy of the mouth and mucosa (malignancy, Sjogren’s, pemphigus, etc.)
  • Examination of existing disorders in salivary glands and jaw joints
  • Examination of patients undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy to control oral complications and dental consultation for patients with complex problems in order to diagnose oral diseases (dialysis, blood pressure, pregnancy, etc.)

Types of ulcers in the mouth

Diagnosing a disease in the mouth or a disease in the roof of the mouth may have different causes that cause pain in the mouth. The most common mouth ulcers or mouth and teeth or gum diseases are physical and external. These wounds occur for various reasons. Such as biting the cheek or tongue, brushing hard, biting the tongue while chewing, sharp teeth or wounds caused by dentures and orthodontic brackets. Some types of wounds, such as herpes, are caused by reactions to chemical drugs or chemotherapy, diabetes, cancer, etc.

The cause of ulcers in the mouth

If the ulcer in the mouth remains for more than two weeks and does not heal, be sure to discuss this issue with the doctor of oral, jaw and facial diseases. The doctor prescribes treatment methods through examination and examination. In some situations, to diagnose oral diseases, it is necessary to perform a biopsy by a mouth, jaw and face ulcer specialist. Ulcers that do not heal after two to three weeks should be seriously examined and treated by an oral ulcer doctor, as they may be a sign of oral cancer.

Oral cancer warning

In most cases, oral cancer may first appear as an ulcer. Some oral lesions such as stains, white sores in the mouth, red sores in the mouth, etc. are a sign of oral cancer. As soon as you see a suspicious lesion, you should see an oral ulcer specialist. Of course, don’t worry and don’t think every wound is the cause of cancer. If a wound remains in the mouth for a long time for no reason (tooth sharpness, filling, etc.), it may be a sign of oral cancer and should be examined and treated by an oral cancer specialist as soon as possible.



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