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Specialized repair of broken teeth in children

One of the most common cases that we face today is tooth breakage in children. Children’s teeth can be broken due to various impacts, for example while playing or falling, or biting a hard object, especially teeth that have already been filled. or have decay, they are more at risk of fracture. In this article, we examine the repair of broken teeth in children. Stay with us.

Types of broken teeth in children

◦ Class 1 fracture: this type of fracture occurs on the outer edge of the enamel, repair is easier in small chips, but in large chips, composite may be needed.

  ◦ Class 2 fracture: this type of tooth fracture occurs in the dentin layer; in this case they also use composite. This fracture is more common.

  ◦ Class 3 fracture: damage and fracture of the tooth pulp occurs in this case, if the tooth crown is seriously damaged, there is a possibility of needing a root canal in children to repair the tooth crown.

  ◦ Class 4 fracture: In this case, a fracture occurs in the root of the tooth, which is rarer and of course more serious than other cases, and it is possible to remove the tooth.

Various causes of tooth breakage in children

  • As mentioned above, tooth decay can cause the loss and decay of tooth tissue.
  • If the tooth is near extreme heat and cold, it can cause the decay of tooth enamel.
  • Severe impact on the child’s teeth and molars
  • Consecutive fillings

Actions you should take after your child’s tooth breaks

  • First, wash your child’s mouth
  • Keep the piece of tooth, remember that you have to put it in saliva or milk, or physiological serum. Because the tooth becomes brittle if it dries out and cannot be used, show the broken piece to a specialist dentist, so that he can connect it if possible.
  • In case of bleeding, give the child a piece of sterile gauze to bite it and stop the bleeding.
  • See a pediatric dentist in Windsor.

How is a broken tooth repaired in children?

During this procedure, a layer of the tooth surface must be removed first, so that the veneer can be applied. The veneer should not be more than one millimeter thick except in the parts where the fracture occurred. In this procedure, the ceramic veneer is attached to the teeth with a special material so that the tooth returns to its previous shape.

Another way to restore teeth is to use dental veneers. This dental cover is sometimes made of ceramic, which creates more natural teeth.



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