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Should we brush our teeth before breakfast?

Many people hesitate between brushing before and after breakfast. Some use a toothbrush before breakfast and some after breakfast. As you know, brushing and maintaining dental hygiene, in addition to maintaining its beauty, also prevents diseases. The toothbrush can penetrate between the teeth due to its fine and thin brushes. This factor causes the particles in the teeth to be pulled out. Another important factor in this issue is the use of dental floss. The said feature in dental floss is more than a toothbrush. But brushing washes and removes the particles stuck to the teeth. This important cause of the absence of deposits and dental plaque. But should we brush our teeth before breakfast?

Getting to know the best time to brush your teeth

Brushing teeth before breakfast

Why should we brush our teeth before breakfast? Brushing your teeth before breakfast will have positive results. Because the mouth is closed during the night and produces saliva, it produces bacteria. If the person did not use the toothbrush before going to sleep, this will be doubled. The food particles in the mouth and teeth begin to produce bacteria after twenty minutes. For this reason, during the night, active bacteria have started to cause decay and destroy teeth. Therefore, it is obvious that the mouth contains large amounts of busy bacteria in the morning. This factor causes bad breath and bitterness. Other factors are also effective in causing bad breath.

But here we will explain this issue in particular. People feel bitter in the mouth after waking up due to the bacterial activities of the teeth. Then, by eating breakfast, the existing bacteria are directed into the body. In addition to possible damage, they also destroy the properties and vitamins in breakfast. For this reason, brushing before breakfast is very effective in maintaining healthy teeth. It is also obligatory for people who use a toothbrush before going to bed. Because the toothbrush alone is not able to eliminate all the bacteria in the mouth. During the night, the few remaining bacteria are active and growing. Therefore, all people must brush their teeth before breakfast.

Brushing teeth after breakfast

Eating breakfast usually distributes large amounts of food particles among the teeth. This causes particles to stick to the teeth. Breakfast is usually with sugary and sweet ingredients. These materials have a lot of ability to destroy teeth. Also, the presence of some foods such as dairy products is very useful for teeth. Their contact with teeth increases their life span and strength. But storing them in the teeth has the opposite result. Because tooth enamel, the hardest layer of the tooth, is covered with existing particles. This masking weakens its performance.

In this way, all the food and its particles will be destroyed by covering the tooth enamel. In addition, the masses caused by these particles stick to the teeth. Over time, this becomes a wave of dental plaques. As a result, the appearance of bacteria and their growth will be certain. After that, dental caries and infections occur. After continuous repetition of this process, the tooth gets severe infections. Treatment of infections often leads to nerve extraction or tooth extraction. Therefore, the best way to deal with such consequences is to brush your teeth after breakfast.

Brushing teeth before and after breakfast

So far, you have understood the necessity of brushing before and after breakfast. Active bacteria during the night cause the need for a toothbrush before breakfast. These same bacteria will cause the growth of other bacteria after breakfast. Therefore, it is necessary to perform this action at both times. If people choose one of these two times, the damage will follow the teeth. Brushing your teeth in just a few minutes will protect your teeth. Therefore, this process does not take much time. Its importance and necessity have a great impact on maintaining health and beauty. In addition, after eating meals such as breakfast, the mouth will not smell pleasant.

If the existing bacteria start to work, the bad breath gradually increases. Sugary substances produce a bad smell after decomposition. This importance puts people’s relationships under the radius. Most people are avoided because of bad breath. This can only be fixed by brushing. So brushing not only does not have any side effects or negative consequences but also causes many positive consequences.

A suitable brush for brushing before and after breakfast

People should have two toothbrushes with soft and coarse brushes available. After waking up and before breakfast, using a soft brush will not damage the tooth enamel. Because they have brushed their teeth before going to bed and the sticky food particles have been removed. For this reason, using a soft brush is only enough to eliminate active bacteria. But after breakfast, the teeth have absorbed food particles. In this case, using a toothbrush with a slightly coarser brush removes those particles. Of course, using toothbrushes with very rough brushes is not suitable for teeth at all. The damage caused by very rough brushes to tooth enamel is significant.

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