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Scaling behind the teeth

What should I do with this question, what should I do with this question? We have encountered We give you the answer here. Indeed, plaque behind the teeth is not obvious in appearance, but it directly endangers the health of the teeth. Also, if this crime is not dealt with, it will eventually reach between the teeth and the front of the teeth. Infection, toothache, and gum recession are the main complications of not taking the mass behind the tooth seriously.

The cause of tartar behind the teeth

Scaling behind the teeth is due to various factors, among which the following can be mentioned:

  • Restricted access: One of the main causes of scaling behind the teeth is the restricted access to this area for brushing. Because of their shape and position, the toothbrush cannot access these areas very well, and this causes food residue and bacteria to accumulate in these areas.
  • Failure to use dental floss: Failure to use dental floss properly to clean the teeth causes food residues and bacteria to collect in these places and eventually form plaque.
  • Consuming sweet substances: Consuming sweet substances and carbonated drinks can lead to an increase in the mass behind the teeth. These things create a suitable environment for the growth and spread of bacteria and eventually, dental plaque is formed.
  • Structural defects of the teeth: Some people suffer from more plaque on the teeth due to structural defects of the teeth.

In general, the combination of these factors causes plaque behind the teeth, which can lead to serious problems in the teeth if not taken care of and periodic scaling.

Solutions to prevent teeth from getting tartar

To prevent plaque behind the teeth, the following solutions can be used:

  • Using the right toothbrush: Using toothbrushes that have special heads behind the teeth can help clean these areas better. These toothbrushes can access the harder areas of the teeth.
  • Regular use of dental floss: Regular and correct use of dental floss helps to clean the areas between the teeth and prevents the collection of food residue and bacteria.
  • Eating healthy foods: Eating fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and vitamins that help keep teeth clean can help prevent plaque build-up. Also, reducing the consumption of sweet substances and carbonated drinks can be effective.
  • Regular visits to the dentist: Regular visits to the dentist and periodic cleanings can help to detect problems early and prevent the formation of white masses.
  • Use of mouthwash: Using special mouthwashes that can wash out-of-reach areas of the mouth helps to prevent plaque formation.

By following these strategies, you can prevent plaque behind the teeth and help maintain the cleanliness and health of the teeth.

Treatment methods for scaling behind the teeth are performed in different ways, which can be mentioned as follows:

  • Dental scaling: A deep cleaning of the teeth by a professional dentist can help remove white plaque and deposits in difficult areas behind the teeth. This method uses special tools that can carefully remove the masses from the teeth.
  • Using a special mouthwash: Using special mouthwashes that can wash the inaccessible areas of the mouth, including behind the teeth, helps to remove white deposits. These mouthwashes can remove bacteria and food residues that lead to dental plaque.
  • Using anti-calculus solutions: Using anti-calculus solutions that can help remove calculus and bacteria from the teeth is another treatment method that can be effective.
  • Using special dental covers: Using special dental covers that can prevent direct contact of food with the surface of the teeth, can help reduce scaling and keep the teeth clean.

In general, periodic cleaning and appropriate prevention and treatment methods can help prevent plaque formation and maintain healthy teeth. But to get a better result, it is better to consult a specialist dentist in Ottawa.


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