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Saving a broken tooth

The treatment of broken teeth is complex because both the tooth nerve is involved and the tooth is loose in its place. There are two issues to be investigated in this regard, one is the fibers around the tooth, which is responsible for the tooth loosening, and the other is the tooth nerve, which is responsible for It is responsible for maintaining the life of teeth.

Damage and fracture of front teeth

Impact on the teeth is seen mostly in the ages of 9 to 12 years old due to the high mobility of children and the possibility of an accident due to falling, falling from a bicycle, etc.

These incidents cause damage to the permanent front teeth, and sometimes the teeth may even be pulled out of their place and fall out of the mouth.

Types of tooth fractures

that tooth fractures, including crown and root, looseness and displacement of the tooth, and falling out of the mouth, which is a very serious issue, are in the field of activities of endo specialists.

Broken tooth pain

Broken teeth may occur at different ages and for different people after an unfortunate incident. In some cases, depending on the area and severity of the fracture, it is associated with severe tooth pain, and sometimes the patient does not feel pain and only has a disturbance in Chewing and beauty annoys him.

Treatment of broken teeth

The endodontist in Ottawa considers treatment measures to preserve the life of the tooth and splints the tooth to fix it in its previous place.

Different methods of treating broken teeth

To treat a broken tooth, it is necessary to perform surgery and imaging to ensure the severity and extent of the fracture, and according to that, the best method that preferably preserves the patient’s tooth is used for treatment.

Bonding a broken tooth

Special materials such as composite, glass inomer, amalgam, etc. are used to bond cracks and broken teeth, and after the materials harden, the broken tooth looks natural.

Broken tooth cover

If the main and basic structure of the teeth is not damaged, its fractures can be repaired by using an artificial tooth crown. These veneers are made according to each person’s teeth. Of course, to ensure the complete restoration of the broken tooth, the root canal is also treated.

Tooth contouring

For partial fractures that are more cosmetic than structural damage, the damaged and sharpened edges of the tooth can be corrected by contouring it in harmony with other teeth.

Root canal treatment

When the severity of the damage and fracture of the tooth is such that it has been transferred to the tooth pulp and the internal structure of the tooth has been damaged, it is possible to treat and preserve the damaged tooth by root treatment and reconstruction of the crown.

Extracting a broken tooth

If none of the methods mentioned for the treatment of a broken tooth can be applied, in the last instance, the decision is made to extract the damaged and broken tooth, and with dental implants, the tooth gap and tooth gap can be removed and the beauty can be improved. return to it.

Infection of a broken tooth

Patients usually do not take fractures that are not accompanied by pain seriously, and delaying their treatment can cause the fracture to spread and damage other parts of the tooth, such as dentin and pulp, and cause problems such as tooth infection. which has its complications and consequences.

How is a loose tooth treated?

If the tooth is loose, it can be treated with a splint, so that during the intervals when these splints are fixed to the side teeth, something similar to splinting is done to keep the tooth in its previous position.

In many cases, because the aforementioned teeth have recently grown, there is a problem of the root end not being formed, so when the root end is not formed, the doctor is faced with a weak root that cannot be treated with the treatment methods that are used for An adult is considered to apply.

The ultimate effort is to keep this weak root alive to evolve.

The orthodontist must preserve the life of these teeth as much as possible.

How long does it take to treat a broken tooth?

Treating impacted teeth is a complex process that needs to be done in several sessions.

Annual and 5-year controls are necessary to be checked because there is a possibility of decay of the roots of these teeth after a few years.

Therefore, the patient must undergo multiple controls and be under the supervision of an endodontist.

Basically, in the specialized divisions of these treatments, the responsibility of the experts has been placed.


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