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Root canal during pregnancy

One of the most important points during pregnancy is taking care of the health of the teeth. The possibility of tooth decay or gum infection during pregnancy is very high, so oral and dental hygiene during pregnancy should be well observed.

 Pregnancy causes hormonal changes in the body. These changes affect the health of teeth and gums. Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy causes contact of acid with the teeth, which causes tooth decay and erosion. Some dental problems during pregnancy require immediate treatment, and tooth extraction is one of these treatments. In the following, we will describe how to treat nerve damage during pregnancy by a root therapist.

What factors cause toothache during pregnancy?

  • Morning sickness: Stomach acid entering the mouth causes tooth decay.
  • Diet: Dietary changes during pregnancy cause tooth decay. Because the desire for sugary foods and drinks increases during this period.
  • Gum inflammation and infection: Hormonal changes in the body during this period lead to gum infection. Gum abscesses and dental diseases are common problems during pregnancy.
  • Calcium deficiency: During pregnancy, the body’s need for calcium increases for bone growth. Lack of calcium causes loss of tooth enamel and causes tooth decay and toothache and tooth extraction.

What is root canal treatment during pregnancy?

Tooth root treatment is one of the most important treatments to save a tooth damaged by a tooth root infection. The question is, can root canal treatment be done during pregnancy? Many mothers are worried about the consequences and damages of tooth extraction on the growing fetus. One of the recommendations of gynecologists to mothers is to avoid being in situations that may bring risks and injuries. If you are worried about the side effects of dental nerve extraction during pregnancy, it should be said that nerve extraction during pregnancy is a safe treatment and has no side effects for the fetus. However, you should inform your endodontist about pregnancy before the treatment so that he can take the necessary care for the nerve extraction treatment.

In order to treat root canal during pregnancy, root canal is recommended in the second trimester of pregnancy. You may have trouble sitting in a chair for a long time in the third trimester. Keep in mind that any oral infection or inflammation should be treated immediately. Because the presence of any infection in the body during pregnancy is dangerous. Meanwhile, the cost of denervation varies according to the severity of destruction and the condition of the damaged tooth.

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