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Reasons for composite failure

Most people have teeth that have defects. Defects such as protruding lips or part of the teeth, cracks, ugly teeth, and such problems. Most of these defects can be eliminated using cosmetic dentistry. One of the most popular ways is composite. Of course, dental composite is a method that, if not taken care of, will suffer from problems such as falling off the composite. In this article, we provide explanations about the most important reasons for composite failure.

What is composite?

Composite is an immediate method to eliminate the appearance defects of the teeth. The lifespan of this treatment is 4 to 5 years depending on how you take care of it. In this method, in the dentist’s office or clinic, composite layers are placed in the required parts of the tooth and the defects of the tooth are eliminated. An exact number cannot be given for its lifespan because it depends on how you take care of it. After about 4 to 5 years, there is a possibility of it becoming loose or damaged.

  Effective factors during the lifetime of composites

The lifespan of composites depends on many things.

  • The type of composite used in the treatment
  • The amount of pressure on the composite
  • The level of compliance with oral and dental hygiene
  • The type of nutrition and diet of the person
  • A person’s living environment

Reasons for dental composite to fall out

The first title is tooth decay under the composite veneer

The most important reason for the composite veneer to fall off sometime after the tooth treatment can be mentioned is the decay of the underlying tooth. Tooth decay under the composite weakens the tooth enamel. Since the composite is placed on the tooth enamel, as the tooth enamel weakens, the composite also becomes loose. With the loosening of this connection, the composite also loosens and may fall. In these cases, be sure to visit your dentist. The dentist will first check the condition of your teeth and then correct the condition of the composite.

Compliance with oral and dental hygiene, type of diet, and type of meat are very important in this field and you must pay attention to them.

Poor-quality composite resin

One of the most important reasons for tooth composite falling out is the poor quality of the composite. The quality of the resin used in gluing composites is very important. If the composite falls after sometime after the dental composite treatment, be sure to visit your dentist to check the quality of the resin used in your treatment.

The skill of the dentist during the installation

There is no doubt about the impact of the quality of materials used in dental composite treatment. But more important than the quality of the materials is the skill of your dentist. Molding, shaping, basic bonding of composites to tooth enamel, and the overall quality of treatment by the dentist play an important role in the lifetime of composite veneers.

Gum infection

Another thing that causes pressure on composites is gum infection. Gingivitis occurs after a gum infection. Inflamed gums put a lot of pressure on composites. This pressure causes the composite to fall. Non-observance of oral and dental hygiene, smoking, accumulation of bacteria around composites, and the type of nutrition and diet of the person are among the causes of gum infection. If you get an infection, treat it immediately.

Reduces excessive pressure on dental composites

Due to different reasons, different amounts of pressure are applied to the teeth. For example, during sports activities, eating, teeth grinding, and being hit, each of them puts their amount of pressure on the teeth depending on the circumstances. In this case, depending on the type of activity, the dentist will provide you with a specific solution. For example, dental protection is one of these ways to reduce these pressures. A proper diet is one of the treatment methods recommended by the dentist in Hamilton to the individual.


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