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Reasons for Black teeth

Normal human teeth are white, but sometimes the color of the teeth may change and become black. Black teeth have various reasons, one of which can be tooth decay. In this article, we are going to talk about the causes of black teeth, so stay with us.

Common factors that are effective in black teeth

When you see a black tooth, the first reason that comes to your mind may be a lack of oral hygiene. But it must be said that this way of thinking is completely wrong. People who observe oral and dental hygiene can also get black teeth. Note that the blackening of teeth occurs in several places in the first days. If it is not paid attention to and not treated, it covers all the teeth. In general, the reasons for black teeth can be classified into the following two categories:

  • External factors of tooth blackening
  • Internal causes of black teeth

External factors of tooth blackening

The factors that cause black teeth outside the human body and in the environment are called external factors of tooth blackening. These factors include:

  • Black teeth due to eating some foods
  • Damage to tooth enamel
  • tobacco use
  • Drinking colored food
  • Taking some medications such as liquid iron
  • Using special toothpaste
  • When dental plaque turns into tartar.

Internal causes of tooth blackening

The factors that cause discoloration and blackening of teeth from inside the human body are called internal factors. These factors include:

Signs of black teeth

It is better to know that the blackening of the teeth does not happen all at once and the teeth turn black over time. In this way, the person’s teeth first change color and become yellow, and then they become gray, then the color of the teeth becomes black. It can be said that the formation of plaque on the teeth gradually causes the teeth to turn black.

The formation of black spots on the teeth is another sign of tooth blackening. Small black dots are mostly created near the gums. So be careful, if you encounter these symptoms, be sure to see a doctor.

What to do if tartar is the cause of black teeth?

In general, it can be said that dental plaque is a dental mass that occurs on the teeth every day. If you clean them with a toothbrush every day, there will be no problem. But if you don’t brush your teeth daily, dental plaques become hard and thick and turn into tartar. If you go to the doctor after your teeth turn black and the doctor determines that the cause of your teeth turning black is tartar, only a specialist can remove it. The dentist can solve this problem by scraping the tartar off the tooth. It can also use ultrasonic tools to solve this problem. So, be aware that if your teeth are black due to the presence of plaque and tartar, you must go to the doctor to do a plaque removal for you.

What should we do if the reason for the blackened tooth was caries?

As mentioned above, the blackening of the teeth due to decay is an internal factor that must be addressed to the doctor to fix it, but in this case, the doctor cannot remove the blackness by cleaning the teeth. Loss of tooth enamel due to the presence of bacteria causes the tooth to decay and create a cavity inside it. If you don’t pay attention to them and don’t go to the doctor to treat them, the cavity will gradually get bigger and the tooth will get blacker.

If you go to the doctor early and the amount of decay is very low on one side of the tooth, the dentist can remove and scrape the decayed part and fill it with special materials. But if the amount of decay is more and the decay has reached the second layer of the tooth, the doctor can remove the decay and place a new crown on the tooth. But if the amount of decay is too high and cannot be treated with the two methods mentioned above, the tooth must be extracted and removed.

What should we do if the reason for the blackened teeth was an illness?

Sometimes the existence of some gum diseases can cause the teeth to turn black, in this case, the gums swell and bleed and the teeth gradually turn black.

Eating Which food item is one of the causes of black teeth?

Eating some drinks can cause black teeth. These drinks include:

  • Eating colored drinks such as tea, coffee, and alcoholic beverages
  • Smoking and using tobacco (if you have a habit of eating or using these foods, be sure to brush your teeth afterward.

What should we do if the reason for the blackened teeth was trauma?

If the blood tissue and nerve of the tooth are injured, the color of the tooth may change, in which case dental veneers should be used.

Can the problem of black teeth be treated at home?

In general, it can be said that it is not possible to treat black teeth at home, although bleaching agents can be used, it still cannot be a definitive treatment, and you must see a doctor to diagnose the cause of black teeth and treat it.

Prevent teeth from turning black

To prevent black teeth, observe the following:

  • Visit the dentist in Mississauga every few months for a checkup
  • Use dental floss and toothbrush regularly
  • Avoid eating colored drinks and foods with high sugar.


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