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Rabbit tooth laminate

Many people do not have straight teeth for various reasons. Maybe their teeth have disproportionate dimensions. One of these cases is rabbit teeth. One of the things that reduces the beauty of a smile. In this article, we talk about these teeth and the problems they cause, and ways to fix them.

What is the method of laminating rabbit teeth?

At first, the teeth are trimmed according to the conditions. This is because the volume of the tooth does not increase with the addition of laminate. After shaving the tooth, molding is done. Based on the tooth mold, the laminate is made in the laboratory. After that, the laminate is glued on your tooth again in one session.

What are the complications of rabbit teeth?

Rabbit teeth may be due to the size of the front teeth. Sometimes it may cause other problems besides beauty. Among these things, the following can be mentioned.

  • Severe abrasion of some surfaces of the teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Jaw joint disorder resulting in jaw pain or headache
  • Decreased facial balance

What are the causes of rabbit teeth?

  • Large two central front teeth due to heredity and genetics
  • The smallness of the surrounding teeth, which makes the front teeth look big.
  • The shortness of the gums around the central front teeth or the excessive length of the gums of the side front teeth (next to the rabbit teeth) which makes the front teeth look big.

What are the methods of correcting rabbit teeth?

Big teeth in the front of the mouth make the face look younger. In this case, the smile is more attractive and focused on the center of the mouth. However, the size of the front teeth is not interesting for many people and you are not satisfied with this situation. These people can fix it.

The correction of the rabbit teeth depends on the reason for the big visible teeth:

  • If the cause of the rabbit tooth is the big front teeth, the solution is to trim and shape these teeth.
  • If the rabbit tooth is due to the smaller adjacent teeth, this problem can be solved with laminate.
  • If the reason for the teeth being crooked is the gums, the problem should be solved with cosmetic gum surgery.

Disadvantages of crooked and crooked tooth laminate

This treatment method has disadvantages that can be mentioned.

  • Laminating crooked and crooked teeth will not solve your orthodontic problem.
  • It does not change the position of the teeth.
  • The tooth under the laminate remains crooked and untidy. Therefore, if your goal is to solve the problem of teeth function, it is better to consult an orthodontist.

Advantages of crooked and crooked tooth laminate

This treatment method also has advantages. Among others, the following can be mentioned.

  • This work is done immediately and only in two sessions, while orthodontic treatment is long.
  • Fixing the problem of tooth stains.
  • Fixing the deformity of the edges.
  • Fixing the unevenness of the teeth.
  • Fixing problems of the disproportion of dimensions or distance between teeth.
  • Fixing the problems of broken teeth.

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