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Periodic dental checkups for children

The importance of dental care from childhood shows itself. The growth of a child’s primary teeth is a vital stage that requires regular and periodic care from specialist dentists. In this article, we will examine the importance of periodic dental checkups for children and provide tips for better care of children’s teeth.

Periodic dental checkups for children

Dentists recommend that children should be familiar with regular visits to the dentist from the time their primary teeth begin to grow, which is around 6 months of age. These regular checkups are done to check the growth and changes of the teeth, detect possible problems, and guide parents to improve dental care.

Dentists also recommend that children have periodical checkups at regular intervals. These check-ups are done to evaluate the general condition of the teeth and gums, early diagnosis for some dental problems, and tooth restoration.

The importance of periodic dental checkups for children

Children are very sensitive during growth and development, and their teeth are exceptional and require careful care. The importance of regular and periodic dental checkups for children is due to the following reasons:

Prevention of dental problems in the future

By performing regular dental checkups, dental problems such as tooth decay, hidden teeth, tooth decay, and gum infections can be identified and prevented early.

Creating healthy habits in children

By visiting the dentist regularly in childhood, the habit of taking care of teeth is formed in children and they learn to care about their dental hygiene.

Parental guidance and support

By examining the condition of the teeth, dentists provide parents with tips and advice to better preserve children’s teeth and help parents to be successful in taking care of their children’s teeth.

Important points in caring for children’s teeth

  • Proper nutrition for healthy teeth

Proper nutrition in childhood can help maintain healthy teeth. Avoid the consumption of sweet substances and sugary desserts to a reasonable extent and offer your children foods with high nutritional value.

  • Regular dental care at home

Parents can use the dentist’s instructions for regular care of children’s teeth at home. This includes brushing twice a day, flossing, and using the right toothpaste.

  • Avoiding the consumption of sweet food supplements

Consuming sweet food supplements can accelerate the process of tooth decay and cause dental destruction. It is better to avoid taking too much of these supplements.

Tips for dealing with childhood dental obsession

  • Methods of calming the child

Children’s dental obsession can become a problem for parents during periodic dental checkups for children. To calm the child, use methods such as reassurance, positive rewards, and encouraging cooperation in dental care.

  • Choosing the right children’s dentistry

Choosing the right dentist for children is very important so that children get to know the dentist and have positive experiences in visiting the dentist.

Tips to reduce the child’s stress during regular dental checkups

  • Encouraging role-playing games

Role-playing games can help reduce dental stress in children. By playing the roles of doctor and patient, children get to know the dentist better and the process of doing checkups.

  • Using pictures and stories

Using pictures and stories about going to the dentist can be attractive and exciting for children and reduce their stress.

1. How often should I take my children to the dentist?

For children, you can visit the dentist for about 6 months when their primary teeth grow. Then do periodical dental checkups for children at appropriate intervals.

2. Do you need home dental care?

Yes, dental care at home is very important. Brushing twice a day, and using proper dental floss is the best way to take care of children’s teeth.

3. Is it helpful to reward children for going to the dentist?

Yes, offering children positive rewards for going to the dentist in Toronto can reduce their stress and help them cooperate. Therefore, periodic dental checkups for children are easier.


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