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Pediatric orthodontics

In this article, we will mention some important points about pediatric orthodontics. Disruption of teeth is one of the most important causes of caries, jaw problems, speaking and lack of self-confidence in children.

Regular visits to the dentist during the growth of baby teeth and monthly check-ups prevent many dental problems, and in the case of irregular tooth growth, it is the right time to start orthodontic treatment and the age of orthodontic teeth in children with the diagnosis of an orthodontic dentist, depending on the amount of teeth clutter. And jaw problems will begin. Next, we will examine the age of orthodontic teeth in children and the cost of orthodontics. Stay with us.

When is the best age for dental orthodontics in children?

Children’s orthodontics and identification of jaw disorders and tooth structure at the right time can prevent many jaw problems and jaw bone deformities. Orthodontics in children and the timely start of orthodontic treatment increases the speed of recovery in the treatment and, due to the flexibility of the jaw bones, an orthodontic specialist dentist can use a variety of orthodontic methods, such as invisible orthodontics, fixed orthodontics or mobile orthodontics, and the duration of orthodontic treatment is also short. The appropriate age to start pediatric orthodontics is 7 to 11 years old. This is the best age to start orthodontics in children.

Reasons for the need for pediatric orthodontic treatment

The orthodontic doctor after examining and examining the complete condition of the jaws examines the reasons for the need for orthodontics. These reasons include the following:

  • Sooner or later baby teeth fall out
  • Incompatibility of the jaws on each other or when the upper or lower jaw is not of normal size.
  • Difficulty chewing or biting
  • The habit of sucking the finger is one of the reasons for the need for pediatric orthodontics.
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Crowding and cluttering of teeth
  • Mouth breathing and the risk of infection and tooth decay
  • Deciduous or permanent teeth.

The cost of pediatric orthodontics

The cost of pediatric orthodontics is different compared to adult orthodontics, and the final cost is determined after a general examination of the teeth according to the amount of teeth clutter and teeth abnormalities.

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