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Pain after Root canal and its treatment

Root canal treatment is one of the most important and specialized dental treatments performed by a root canal specialist. Nerve removal is usually performed in two or more sessions by a nerve removal specialist depending on the complexity of the treatment.

. When patients experience pain after denervation treatment, they are concerned that the root canal treatment was not done well. Pain after root canal restoration is a natural process. In the following, we will examine the cause and treatment of pain after tooth root restoration…

How much is the pain after tooth root restoration?

Pain after root canal treatment is a very natural and relative feeling in people. The root canal treatment process includes removing the nerve and blood vessels of the dental pulp and cleaning the cavity inside the tooth canal. This irritates the gums and nerves. The feeling of pain after the restoration of the root of an infected tooth is mild and lasts for a few days.

Cause of tooth swelling and pain after root restoration

The cause of swelling and pain of the tooth while chewing can include the following:

  • Existence of infection around the root bone of the tooth: In a situation where nerve removal treatment has been done for the infected tooth but the patient still experiences pain, there may be bacteria around the root bone of the tooth. For this reason, to prevent infection, the nerve extraction specialist prescribes antibiotics as a pill for toothache after nerve extraction.
  • Infected tooth root canal: a tooth may still be infected after nerve extraction treatment and the patient may experience throbbing tooth pain after nerve extraction. This condition happens when the tooth is not repaired properly and bacteria gets around the tooth.
  • In some situations, the tooth may have many ducts and channels that are difficult to distinguish on the radiograph of the tooth. In this situation, the canal that is not clear in the photo may have an infection. In this case, the tooth becomes sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. If the bacteria is the cause of the infection in this situation, you will experience pain after the restoration of the tooth root.

Treatment of pain after denervation

Pain after root canal treatment is normal for 3-4 days and can be controlled with painkillers prescribed by the nerve root specialist. Antibiotics are used in case of infection and to treat pain after denervation. In situations where the height of the crown and its position may increase tooth pain after root restoration, you can correct the height of the crown by visiting a dentist in Canada.


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