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Overjet disorder

You have probably seen people whose teeth are not aligned properly. Or one of their jaws is ahead or behind the other. In the normal state, the teeth of the upper and lower jaws should be only 2 mm apart from each other. If the distance between the jaws is more than this value, it is said that the person has overjet disorder. In this article, we will examine the protrusion of the teeth of the upper jaw compared to the lower jaw, or overjet.

Causes of the overjet disorder

There are several reasons for this disorder. If you try to treat the problem, the first step of the treatment is to identify the cause. The most important of these reasons are:

  • Bad childhood habits
  • finger sucking
  • Sucking lips
  • Sucking a pacifier
  • Jaw and bone problems

Types and treatment of overjet

In general, we have three models of overjet, and the treatment of each type is different from the other. These three models are:

The front of the upper jaw

In this case, the protruding teeth are due to the front of the upper jaw. The treatment for this type of disorder is that the upper jaw should be sent back.

The back of the lower jaw

Meanwhile, the protrusion of the upper jaw teeth is in its place, but the lower jaw is behind the normal position. The treatment of this type of disorder is done by bringing the lower jaw forward.

Both jaws

In this case, both upper and lower jaws are not in place. The treatment of this type of disorder is a combination of the treatment of two other models. In such a way that they guide the upper jaw to the back and the lower jaw to the front.

Overjet treatment

Overjet treatment is different depending on its cause. In general, two methods of orthodontic treatment and jaw surgery are suggested for these disorders. Depending on the type and severity of the problem, different types of orthodontic treatment can be used for orthodontic treatment. The most important types of orthodontics that are used to solve this problem are:

  • Fixed orthodontics
  • Lingual or invisible orthodontics
  • Different orthodontic brackets
  • Orthodontic braces

This method of treatment may last for several years. We have provided explanations about this treatment in many articles.

Overjet deterioration may be too much to be treated with orthodontics alone. In this case, the orthodontist refers the person to a maxillofacial surgeon. These two experts perform a combined treatment of jaw surgery and orthodontics by examining the conditions. The conditions of these treatments are different according to the patient’s condition.

The most suitable time to treat tooth extraction

These problems can be treated at any age. The best time to treat jaw and skeletal abnormalities is before puberty. At this age, the body grows and the bones change much faster with the changes that follow during the treatment.

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