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Movable dental prosthesis without the maxillary roof

A removable denture without a roof of the upper jaw refers to a type of dental prosthesis in which the dentures are attached to the teeth or implants in the lower jaw and do not cover the roof of the upper jaw.

This prosthetic method is usually used for people whose upper jaw teeth are completely missing or are not in a condition where a fixed prosthesis can be made for them. In this way, by installing a removable prosthesis without a roof of the jaw, a person can place artificial teeth in his lower jaw and effectively improve the ability to bite, speak, and chew.

To prepare this type of prosthesis, it is better to go to a specialist dentist and get professional advice about the types of prostheses, preparation and installation steps, costs, and necessary care.

How much does a removable dental prosthesis without a roof of the upper jaw cost?

The cost of this type of prosthesis may vary and depends on various factors such as geographical location, materials used, expertise and experience of the dentist, number of artificial teeth, and other factors. In general, removable dentures usually have a significant cost.

Who is this type of prosthesis suitable for?

Removable dentures are suitable for people whose upper jaw teeth are completely missing or are not in a condition for which fixed dentures can be made. This type of prosthesis is suitable for people with the following conditions:

  1. Completely missing upper jaw teeth: If all the upper jaw teeth are completely missing, installing a removable denture without a maxillary roof is a suitable option to restore the ability to chew and speak.
  2. Improper implant conditions: In cases where there are not enough implants to install a fixed prosthesis in the upper jaw or the person’s physical condition is not suitable for implant installation, a removable prosthesis without a roof can be an alternative solution.
  3. Flexibility and adaptation to changes: This type of prosthesis is more flexible and easily adapts to natural changes in the mouth because it is connected to artificial teeth in the lower jaw and does not cover the roof of the upper jaw.
  4. In any case, it is best to consult your dentist and get his recommendations and suggestions to determine if a removable maxillary denture is right for you.


Proper maintenance of the removable prosthesis without a high roof is very important to increase its useful life and avoid possible problems. Below are some maintenance guidelines:

  • Daily cleaning: You should clean the prosthesis after every meal according to the dentist’s instructions. For this, you can use solutions or special brushes.
  • Washing with water: After every meal, rinse the prosthesis with warm water to remove food particles.
  • Prevent breakage: Install the prosthesis carefully and avoid excessive force to insert or remove it to avoid breakage.
  • Oral and gum care: Keep your mouth and gums clean regularly to prevent infections and gum problems.
  • Going to the dentist: Visit your dentist for regular check-ups and necessary repairs. If the prosthesis is damaged or needs adjustment, it should be repaired as soon as possible.
  • Food restrictions: At first, some foods and foods such as sticky and hard foods may cause problems in using the prosthesis. Gradually get used to different foods and improve chewing ability.
  • Storage in the right place: store the prosthesis in the right containers while sleeping to avoid damage and dust.
  • Also, your dentist in Toronto may give you more detailed instructions on caring for your removable maxillary denture.


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