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Milk tooth veneer

Are baby tooth crowns necessary for children? In this article, we try to answer this question completely and simply.

Children’s teeth should be veneered after examination of dental radiology image and after denervation treatment of milk teeth due to reduced strength. Dental veneers are performed when the tooth is damaged due to decay and needs nerve extraction. A denervated baby tooth cannot be filled because it may crack or break. In this situation, the pediatric dentist uses pre-made metal veneers, which are special veneers for children’s milk teeth and are called S.S.CROWN.

What is the use of dental veneers?

  • Protection of damaged teeth that have been weakened by decay.
  • Repair of damaged teeth.
  • Protecting a tooth that is subject to decay.
  • A dental cover that has a wide filling.

What are the stages of repairing and veneering a child’s tooth?

First, the pediatric dentist in Canada numbs the repaired area with gel and then numbs the inside of the gum with a local anesthetic injection. After anesthetizing the target area, the decay is removed and the tooth is shaved to fit the crown. In the last stage, the veneer is placed on the entire tooth and the entire tooth is placed under the veneer. In this way, placing the child’s milk tooth veneer is done in one session. It is recommended to prevent the child from eating food until the numbness is completely removed because the child may accidentally bite his lip or cheek and cause a painful injury to his mouth.

How to take care of a child’s dental crown

  • After placing the milk tooth crown, the child should regularly brush the teeth and around the gums to prevent gingivitis and keep the crown healthy.
  • To prevent the accumulation of bacteria around the crown, the tooth should be flossed.
  • Avoid eating sticky chocolates so that the glue under the coating does not deteriorate.
  • Avoid eating for 30 minutes after placing the cover.
  • 24 hours after placing the cover, avoid sticky foods such as gum, toffee, chocolate, etc.
  • Before the anesthesia wears off, use the medications prescribed by the doctor to avoid pain and discomfort after the anesthesia.

The importance of dental veneers for children

When a milk tooth decays, it must be treated and then the tooth must be restored with special veneers to restore its functionality completely. Some parents think that children’s teeth do not need treatment and in case of decay it is not necessary to cover them, they leave the tooth alone and with this misconception cause serious and irreparable complications to their children.



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