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Methods of increasing tooth strength

Maintaining the health of the teeth is more important than the beauty of the teeth, and these things together will make the smile design beautiful and the face attractive. Observing health and food tips and then going to the dentist in Canada for regular check-ups will help maintain the health of tooth enamel and identify oral and gum diseases. By knowing the methods of increasing tooth strength, preventing decay, damage to the nerves, or other dental problems, because prevention is better than cure.

Tooth enamel care

The health of the teeth is directly related to the health of the whole body. One of the most important principles that every person should prioritize throughout his life is taking care of the health of their teeth and gums. As a defensive wall, tooth enamel is the hardest layer of the tooth that protects the inner part of the tooth against decay. Erosion of tooth enamel causes damage to the tooth structure. In the meantime, it is necessary to strengthen tooth strength and take care of tooth enamel by implementing solutions. In the following, we will explain to you the methods of increasing the strength of teeth. Stay with us.

What are the causes of tooth enamel erosion?

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Using acidic drinks such as citrus fruits and soft drinks
  • Diets containing starch and sugar
  • Dry mouth
  • Genetic conditions
  • Gastric acid reflux disease
  • Digestive problems
  • Grinding teeth that cause loss of tooth enamel
  • Excessive brushing
  • Taking some medicines

What are the methods of increasing tooth strength?

Calcium and mineral consumption strengthen and strengthen bones and tooth enamel, and also prevent tooth decay. In addition, poor dental hygiene causes the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth and eventually damages the tooth enamel. Some of the factors mentioned in tooth enamel erosion can be controlled, and by changing your lifestyle and knowing what to eat to strengthen your teeth, you can increase the resistance of your tooth enamel. Among other methods of increasing tooth strength, the following can be mentioned, some steps can also be considered as home treatment of tooth enamel:

  • Using fluoride toothpaste
  • Use of mouthwash
  • Cleaning the surface of the tongue
  • Using a night guard or tooth protector to prevent teeth wear if you have grinding teeth
  • Treatment of digestive problems
  • Prevention of gum diseases and treatment of gum infection
  • Use of vitamins and minerals
  • Dental checkup and consultation with a dentist for tooth restoration or tooth enamel restoration
  • Using dental veneers to protect teeth that are less resistant due to caries.
  • Using restorative treatments such as composite fillings
  • Fissure sealant or fluoride therapy



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