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Lumineers ceramic laminate

In the last few years, people have been using Lumineers ceramic laminate to fix the appearance problems of their teeth. Dental laminate is very useful for solving problems such as ugliness, deformity, shortness, and gaps between teeth. Usually, the tooth is sharpened to perform lamination, and the level of resistance and the possibility of tooth breakage increases.

Lumineers ceramic laminate is produced by an American company and is made like an eye lens due to its thinness and delicacy. In the rest of this article, we will talk about Lumineers ceramic laminate and examine its various features.

What is lumineers ceramic laminate?

Compared to traditional laminates, Lumineers laminate has fewer preparation steps and is usually called a no-prep laminate. Very thin sheets are used to make this type of laminate, and like traditional veneers, they are suitable for changing the color and shape of the teeth. The surface of laminate lumineers is completely smooth and polished.

The level of transparency of this type of laminate is relatively high and it has a great effect on changing the color of the teeth and can be used to remove the discoloration of the teeth. It also provides white teeth for a long time. Due to its low thickness, there is no need to shave the teeth for installation, and the dentist in Windsor must prepare a complete set of these lumineers on order from abroad.

Installation steps of laminate lumineers

Lumineers ceramic laminate installation steps include the following, each of which will be explained below.

  • Examining the patient’s teeth

Before laminating and veneering the Lumineer’s teeth, several consultation sessions are usually held with the dentist, and the patient’s teeth are thoroughly examined. Usually, the first treatment session does not take much time to examine the tooth, because no correction or preparation is performed on the tooth.

  • Tooth molding

After the examinations are performed on the patient’s teeth, the dentist makes an impression and molds your teeth physically or digitally. This mold is sent to the desired dental laboratory so that after some time of about 2 to 4 weeks, the Lumineers laminate is prepared according to the individual’s teeth.

  • Lumineers ceramic laminate installation

After the Lumineers laminate is prepared, it is easily installed on the patient’s teeth. Laminate can also be installed on bridges, veneered teeth, and metal fillings. The speed of the implementation of this laminate is relatively high and will not waste the time of the patient and the doctor. Also, after lamination, the tooth has its normal function and there is no problem in eating and drinking.

The advantages of using Lumineers ceramic laminate

There are quite a lot of advantages to doing dental veneers through Lumineers, and we will mention each one below.

  • It does not require anesthesia and is painless.
  • Doing it does not require sharpening the teeth and the strength of the teeth is not lost.
  • It makes all the parts of the teeth harmonize with each other.
  • Teeth with small fractures are corrected and repaired in this way.
  • Using Lumineers ceramic laminate is useful for whitening teeth that have darkened over time.
  • Interdental spaces are closed using this laminate.
  • Its life span is more than 15 years in case of adequate care.
  • In case of removal or replacement of lumineers, usually the tooth will not be damaged and it can be removed easily.

Disadvantages of using lumineers

Along with the many advantages of Lumineers dental laminate, its use also has disadvantages, which include:

  • People feel that the tooth has become thicker after performing Lumineers veneer. The thickness of this laminate is very low, but because the tooth enamel is not cut, the tooth becomes slightly thicker and people feel this thickness more in the early days.
  • Laminating with Lumineers is a non-invasive method and is one of the most practical methods for teeth correction. Its use does not require shaving teeth, and in fact, laminate does not shave. The level of security of this type of laminate is very high in this regard. However, due to not sharpening the teeth, a very small gap is created between the coating and the gum line, causing food to get stuck and bad breath.

Complications of using laminate dental lumineers

In general, the use of Lumineers ceramic laminate is a completely safe method, but its use may also cause complications. For example, the presence of a gap between the gum line and the tooth veneer can cause gum diseases for people, and the greater the gap, the more likely the gum diseases are. Also, people who have teeth-grinding problems cannot use this laminate.

The gum tissue usually does not accept foreign materials easily and it takes time to accept the laminate. Over time, gum sensitivity may occur and the soft tissue of the gum may become inflamed. Also, due to the thinness of the Lumineers ceramic laminate layers, if the tooth color and glue are not properly combined, it will affect its brightness, and as a result, the color of the teeth may become irregular.

The difference between composite veneer and ceramic laminate Lumineers

In general, it can be said that the coating of Lumineers is more advanced than veneer. The use of both of these covers works relatively the same and its benefits for the patient are almost the same. There is no need to shave the surface of the tooth enamel to place the lumineers on the tooth, and therefore it does not cause any damage to the tooth. It is also a long-term solution for the patient, and after it is placed on the tooth, the natural structure of the tooth is preserved, but in Venice, the conditions are different and the amount of use is short-term for the patient, and the surface of the tooth must be shaved, and the natural structure of the tooth is lost.

Lumineer ceramic laminate is much less thick than veneer and has a longer lifespan. After the lumineers are placed on the surface of the tooth, they are added to the tooth structure, and the patient first feels the size of the tooth, but after a while, this feeling will disappear. In the veneer, this size is not felt due to the grinding of the tooth, and of course, the thickness of the veneer is relatively high. When removing the veneer, the tooth may be damaged, but removing the lumineers will not cause any problems for the tooth.

How to care for Lumineers

After applying Lumineers ceramic laminate on the teeth, you should take care to increase the longevity and durability of the laminate and observe oral and dental hygiene completely. Use a toothbrush and floss regularly and visit the dentist periodically so that any problems can be fixed as soon as possible. You should be careful that the objects you bite are not hard. Also, avoid eating seeds biting carrots, and breaking nuts with your teeth.


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