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Longevity of dental implants

The lifespan of a dental implant is one of the important issues that depends on the care and maintenance of a person after its implantation. An implant is the implantation of an artificial tooth with high strength inside the jaw. The material of the dental implant is titanium, which will last up to twenty years if properly maintained. Various factors can affect the success of dental implantation, which we will examine below.

Factors affecting the success of implant

First of all, the most important option for success in implanting dental implants is the physical and mental health of the person and the absence of acute diseases. Note that even a simple oral infection can cause dental implant surgery to fail. The most important options in the successful implantation of dental implants include the following:

  • Complete health of gums and jaw bone.
  • A person’s mental health status.
  • A person’s general health status.
  • The health status of the amount of remaining bone.
  • Absence of infection and oral diseases.
  • Individual nutrition plan.
  • Living and working conditions of the patient.
  • Age (the younger the age, the more healthy the jawbone will be and the more successful it will be.

What are the effective factors in the lifetime of the dental implant?

The implant specialist dentist in Canada must first explain the important recommendations for the care and maintenance of the dental implant to the person. Because it is vital to observe hygiene and maintain the implant in the first months of tooth implantation.

Basic care in the first month after dental implant implantation

After implanting a dental implant, the patient should not eat food from the implanted side until one month after surgery. Eating hard food such as nuts will reduce the life of the implant. Taking care of the implant to prevent infection in the desired area is one of the important factors during the lifetime of the dental implant.

Keeping the dental implant clean is another significant factor in increasing the lifespan of the dental implant. The implanted tooth should be washed with a toothbrush and mouthwash like other teeth. Especially in the first month to eliminate the germs of the gums that have the effects of wounds.

Care after dental implant implantation

After the dental implant, you should be examined by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon every 6 months to check the status of the implant. In this process, the condition of the operated gum, tooth health, absence of infection and jaw bone are examined.

The type of dental implant is another important factor in the lifetime of the implant. The components of the implant must be made of quality materials to increase its resistance in the mouth.

Not using tobacco affects the health of dental implants. Note that drinking and smoking are the most important factors in reducing the life of dental implants.



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