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Learn more about gum diseases and gum surgery

During life, damage to the gums may occur due to various reasons, including lifestyle, hereditary and hormonal problems or genetics. These reasons, in addition to the change in appearance, can be accompanied by pain, which will definitely lead to gum disease and damage to the teeth. In cases where the intensity of these changes and pain is excessive, the only solution is gum surgery.

What are the damages caused by gum disease?

If a person’s gums have problems, the consequences can be teeth loosening, sensitivity, tooth decay, and bone loss. In these cases, the patient should turn to gum surgery to prevent further damage. But usually people postpone gum surgery and finally accept it when they have no other choice but surgery. This is one of the big mistakes caused by patients’ negligence, which causes the disease to progress and will also result in the loss of teeth or their weakening; Therefore, it is recommended that if the dentist prescribes gum surgery, do not hesitate to accept and perform it.

What are the necessary measures before gum surgery?

Before performing gum surgery, a skilled and expert dentist must first check that this surgery does not pose any risk to the patient and will lead to the best results. For this purpose, he first examines the patient’s medical history and, based on specific tests, becomes aware of his general condition so that he can create the least risk for him with appropriate measures.

The next step is a detailed examination of the patient’s mouth, teeth, and jaw, and it must be ensured that there are no infections, abscesses, or other threatening factors for the person’s health.

Types of gum surgery

Gum flap

One of the most common types of gum surgery is called gum flap, and it is used when the mass on the gum has increased and there is a need to remove the mass from the gum and tooth by moving the gum from the tooth.

In addition, gum flap is sometimes used to remove excess gum tissue that is placed on the teeth.

Gum plastic repair

Another gum surgery is gum plastic repair, which is actually a gum transplant through the roof of the mouth. Its dangerous cases are when the gum cover on the teeth is reduced and somehow it has moved back from the teeth, which has dangerous consequences for health and has a strong effect on the beauty of the appearance.

To treat this problem, the surgeon has to turn the gums outwards to remove the bacteria that caused this problem and then add bone grafts, or protein and gum tissue membrane (or a combination of all three) to the gums to Its tissue is re-formed and firmly sticks to the patient’s tooth.

Gum grafting

One of the most important surgeries performed on the gums is gum grafting. This method is used when the gums have weakened and caused the teeth to loosen and decrease in endurance, and in cases where the disease worsens, even the patient’s teeth fall out. This disease is highly sensitive and causes serious damage to teeth and mouth.

In this treatment method, the dentist and surgeon use part of the other parts of the oral tissue for grafting to the gums.

This treatment is also considered a kind of cosmetic surgery because with the help of this process, it covers and restores the parts of the gum that have been destroyed and caused the roots of the teeth to be visible.

Gum lift surgery

Another type of surgery is gum lift surgery, which is used for people whose gums show more than normal when they laugh, and in fact, a large part of their teeth is covered by the gums. To solve this problem, a part of the gums is removed. They cut it so that it is a little shorter and more part of the tooth is visible. This surgical method is also included in the branch of oral and dental cosmetic surgeries.

How is laser surgery?

The word surgery can be applied to the types mentioned above, because in the above methods, the surgeon performs his work with a special surgical knife, but today laser has solved many problems of traditional surgery.

In traditional surgery, bleeding and a lot of pain are the consequences of surgery, and patient care during treatment is very sensitive and extensive. One of the advantages of laser surgery is reducing pain and discomfort. Also, this laser is completely safe and secure.

In laser treatment, a beam of light is irradiated to the tissue that needs to be changed, which can be very effective in gum surgery with the high expertise and skill of a specialist. A person who uses this method must have received specialized training in this field. One of the most sensitive things in using a laser is the use of a precise and required wavelength.


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