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Laser implant treatment

Different ways have been invented to replace missing teeth. Ways such as artificial teeth, implants, and other ways. Implant placement is one of the best and most popular ways to replace teeth. To make this method of treatment better and simpler, scientists invent different ways for it. One of these modern ways is using laser technology in implant placement.

Why dental implants?

Dental implants are a suitable way to replace missing teeth in the mouth. To use the laser during implant placement, it is better to consult with a dentist who specializes in lasers. Laser treatment has significant therapeutic advantages compared to conventional treatments. These advantages include more precise control by the doctor and patient comfort during surgery. This treatment takes some time. Today, with the advancement of science, every once in a while a new solution is invented to make the treatments less dangerous, and easier and to improve the quality. Using laser technology is one of these wonderful methods.

The Role of Laser in Implantology

Implantology is one of the options of cosmetic dentistry, which can greatly help in faster and better implant implantation by using a laser. Usually, the tissue around the implant should be prepared before starting the implant treatment. Laser with different wavelengths used in this treatment can help in this preparation. By using a laser, the dentist can create the depth and dimensions necessary for implant placement in the soft tissues of the gums with high accuracy and minimal damage.

Advantages of using a laser in implant placement

One of the most important advantages and practical roles of the laser during implant placement is the antimicrobial properties of laser energy. The use of laser causes harmful bacteria to be destroyed on the surface of the planting area. After removing the tissue around the implant and cleaning the surgical area, we will stimulate the healing of the gum tissue in the area of the implant using laser technology. Laser implant treatment is a suitable option with minimal damage to the gum tissue in implant treatment. The use of laser in implant surgery allows the surgical site to be prepared for implant placement with the least amount of damage to soft and hard tissue.

Reasons for the superiority of implant implantation with laser

  • The use of laser technology enables dentists to perform complex implant implantation surgeries with much less bleeding.
  • Faster healing of the surgical site and faster healing equals less pain.
  • Reducing the risk of wound infection.
  • Shortening the recovery period
  • The speed of the person’s return to normal life.
  • With a laser, it is possible to implant an implant without injuring the gum tissue.
  • The antibacterial properties of the laser disinfect the surgical site.
  • Stimulation of tissues by laser for faster healing.
  • Therefore, the combination of two dental and laser technologies will have many benefits for the dentist in Mississauga and the patient.


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