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key points before going to the dentist

Undoubtedly, the quality of providing dental services in different medical centers is not the same. In every dental clinic and medical center, there may be a good, skilled and high-quality doctor. It is better to look for a good dental clinic with skilled doctors in Canada before you have an urgent dental need. Finding a good dentist before going to the dentist is recommended for people with dental phobia. Going to a calm environment and getting to know a skilled dentist can play a significant role in controlling anxiety.

Before going to the dentist

It is better to rest a little before going to the dentist. Fatigue and stress can have a negative role in the treatment process and the amount of stress. Fatigue reduces the threshold of tolerance and causes problems in the process of numbing the teeth. Listening to music is also effective for controlling stress. It is recommended to bring a headphone and a music player while working to reduce your stress significantly.

Do not be hungry or thirsty before visiting the dentist

Do not start the treatment on an empty stomach before going to the dentist. Hunger and thirst can lower your pain tolerance threshold and increase the amount of stress. If your blood sugar is low, your blood pressure may drop in the middle of the treatment and you may feel bad. In treatments such as surgery, implant, or tooth extraction, which require you not to eat anything for several hours, it is better not to feel hungry beforehand so that this process does not cause weakness in your body.

Using a toothbrush and maintaining hygiene

Dentists have a famous saying: Your mouth is a sign of your personality! Paying attention to the conditions of the mouth and teeth and the cleanliness of the oral environment is one of the most important points that you should pay attention to. Unfortunately, in some people, neglecting this point causes disturbances in the examination and disrupts the doctor’s work. It is better to put yourself in the place of the dentist and be sure to use a toothbrush and floss before the dental examination. Flossing is very important for the health of teeth.

People with certain diseases must discuss their type of disease with the doctor before starting the treatment.


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