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Is dental laser treatment harmful?

Dental laser therapy continues to be highly praised in the field of dentistry. Lasers help with a variety of dental procedures, including teeth whitening, cavity filling, and gum reshaping. The advantage of laser dental procedures is that they can be safer and more effective than older methods. Fast recovery, disinfection, and comfort during operation are the advantages of using a laser.

What is laser dental treatment?

The use of lasers to assist in dental procedures is not new. Since 1989, special lasers have been used instead of traditional drills and other tools. Lasers are used on both hard and soft tissue (teeth and gums), making them ideal tools for use in dental procedures such as cavity fillings and periodontal treatments.

Is the dental laser safe? The short answer is yes. In the hands of a cosmetic dentist in Kingston, lasers reduce the risk of accidental injury during a dental procedure. While traditional dental instruments can scratch or irritate the gums, lasers offer a more comfortable experience for the patient, even if there is movement and the laser is aimed at the gums, there is no risk of damage.

Laser dentistry can also reduce recovery time. Lasers burn the wounds and stop the bleeding, leading to faster healing. In addition, lasers promote disinfection, meaning you are less likely to experience subsequent decay-related problems after a dental laser procedure.

Common methods of laser dentistry

What kind of dental procedures can be done using a laser? A laser is used to destroy tissues affected by decay. Some lasers target soft tissue and are effective in treating gum disease. For example, if you have dead tissue, the laser can remove it quickly and efficiently. After laser treatment, you will experience very little pain or bleeding.

Some of the ways lasers can help include:

  • Preparation of teeth and gums for dental veneers
  • Gum contouring for cosmetic work
  • Removal of damaged tooth tissue
  • Dental implants
  • Removing dental waste


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