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Introduction of dental specialties

Do you know which dentist you should visit as soon as you have a toothache? Or by which dentist is the treatment of disordered teeth done? Which dentist should you go to in order to beautify your teeth for tooth composite or lamination, or which dentist do you go to when children’s milk teeth fall out prematurely? Knowing about dental specialties will help you to refer to the relevant specialist when you need any dental treatment and complete the treatment as quickly as possible. Stay with us in the following article with the introduction of dental specialties.

Dental specialties

Specialist in the pathology of mouth, jaw and face diseases (oral and dental pathologist):

Oral disease diagnosis specialist identifies all symptoms, wounds and suspicious oral tissues. Any suspicious wounds and oral lesions, color change in the texture and shape of the texture of different parts of the mouth are tested and examined. Some lesions also have different symptoms in other parts of the body, which initially appear in different parts of the mouth, and the examination of these types of symptoms in the body is also the responsibility of the specialist in the diagnosis of oral diseases. All the tissues related to the mouth, jaw and face area, which are surgically sampled, are tested under the microscope by the pathology specialist of mouth, jaw and face diseases to determine the nature of the disease.

Root canal specialist (endodontist):

A root canal specialist specializes only in root canal treatment. Specialized root canal treatment or denervation of the tooth is a complex task in which the treatment may have problems such as the complexity of the tooth canal or a specific disease of the individual, and the treatment must be performed by a root canal specialist. Re-treatment of the tooth root (re-nervation) is a process that is performed by a root treatment specialist due to the failure of the initial treatment. Most of the dental pains or complex pains in the jaw and face that have a dental origin are treated by an endodontist.

Gum Disease Specialist (Periodontist)

A periodontist deals with the cause of gum disease or infection and the treatment of gum tissue and tooth supporting tissue. Progression of gum disease, if left untreated, can lead to tooth loss. Gum disease is related to the health of the body, and under certain conditions, the infection may spread in the body, especially in diabetics or pregnant women. Gum surgery and performing treatments related to gum tissue such as implants are specialties of periodontists.

Orthodontic specialist:

Orthodontists or orthodontists perform the treatment of aligning teeth with wires and brackets and other tools. The specialty of orthodontists is the treatment of jaw, teeth and facial abnormalities. Orthodontic treatments have an effect on the growth of the jaw and facial bones, and in a way, orthodontists are considered orthopedists of the bones of the jaw area.

Specialist in restorative and cosmetic dentistry

Restoration of dental crowns and cosmetic dental treatments and smile design are among the specialties of dental cosmetic and restorative specialists. Teeth whitening, tooth lamination, composite, coating and tooth restoration with tooth-colored materials are the responsibility of restorative dentistry specialist.

Specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery:

Oral and maxillofacial surgeries are performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Surgery to remove wisdom teeth, cosmetic surgery of the jaw, nose, chin, face, or surgeries related to the removal of cysts and tumors, as well as implant implantation, are performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Specialist in pediatric dentistry

Talking to children and convincing them to sit on the dental unit is a difficult task that pediatric dental specialists are able to do. The treatment of milk teeth, whose health and maintenance are important for the growth of permanent teeth, is performed by a pediatrician. Performing orthodontic treatments for children is one of the specialties of pediatric specialists.


One of the activities of a dental prosthodontist is related to any type of prostheses and artificial teeth. The treatment of dental veneers, replacement veneers for empty tooth space, fully mobile dentures, and cosmetic dental veneers are among the specialties of dental prosthetists.

Maxillofacial radiology specialist

Maxillofacial radiology specialist, which includes the diagnosis and analysis of radiographic reports and photography of the mouth, jaw and face, is the responsibility of the maxillofacial radiologist. Radiography of the mouth and jaw area, as well as small radiography of single and multiple teeth (bite wing and periapical) and CT scans of the jaw and face are the responsibility of maxillofacial radiologists.

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