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Introducing Avest Gold brand Korean implant

In the implant, the base is placed inside the jaw of the person, which is called the fixture that plays the role of the root of the tooth; they say. This base in its production process is made of various alloys such as titanium, which has a higher percentage in all bases; is used and this implant is placed in the category of implants with advanced design by the global standard. One of the important advantages of this implant is that there is no need to drill the jaw bone during its implantation, which is the reason why most people prefer to choose this implant compared to other Korean implants.

Who is the best doctor to implant Avest Gold?

Dental implant implantation is one of the most complex and effective treatment methods, which requires many factors, including expertise in the field of gums and implants, to achieve the desired result.

As a result, the need for a specialist doctor who has full expertise in this field is one of the important factors, so make sure that your dentist in Ottawa is a specialist when choosing your center or doctor.

What are the stages of implanting Avest Gold (Avest Gold)?

  1. In the first part, the gum and implant surgeon uses local anesthesia or general anesthesia to completely anesthetize the tissues. Then, using tools, he examines the bone completely.
  2. A bone drill is used to determine the exact position of the implant.
  3. At this stage, a pin or rod is placed inside the hole created on the bone. Due to the sensitivity of this step, the specialist sprays salt and water solution into the mouth during the work so that the bone tissue is not damaged during the drilling.
  4. Using larger drills, the specialist widens the hole created in the bone so that the implant fits well. The larger the diameter of the implant, the more resistant it is.
  5. Using the necessary equipment, the specialist creates a thread inside the bone to match the thread of the implant. Some implants have threads.
  6. The implant is placed in its position. The specialist does this using a drill or hand wrench. At this stage, if the bone needs to be reconstructed, it is done with bone powder or bone graft.
  7. They cover the implant with a cap so that it is completely closed from the outside. Then the gum tissue that was separated from the gum at the beginning of the surgery is returned to its original state and closed by sutures.
  8. The dental implant is finished, now you have to wait a few months for the bone to fuse well with the implant.


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