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Internal tooth whitening or internal tooth bleaching

Internal Bleaching is a completely non-invasive method to restore the discoloration of front teeth. In this method, after performing root canal therapy or root treatment, using bleaching materials inside the tooth crown, the tooth becomes white. The substances that cause the color of tooth dentin are destroyed by oxidation.

The time required to whiten the interior of the teeth

Internal teeth whitening consists of several sessions. In this way, after performing a clinical examination performing the necessary radiography, and reaching the correct diagnosis and treatment plan, the endodontist will perform a root canal. Then a substance is placed between the crown and the root to prevent the penetration of bleaching substances into the root. Because by using these materials there is a possibility of root analysis.

Then, in the same root treatment session, whitening material is placed inside the crown. Over time (after 2-3 days), these substances change the color of the baby’s crown by releasing oxygen. After two or three days, the property of releasing oxygen ends. If the tooth has not yet returned to its original color, the replacement of the material inside the crown will be repeated. After several sessions of replacing the bleaching materials, when the desired color is achieved, the tooth is bandaged and prepared for crown restoration in the next session.

In the last session, the tooth crown was repaired. In this way, the tooth gets its beauty without performing complex treatment plans.

Internal bleaching is the most non-invasive treatment for anterior discolored teeth.

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