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INR test for dental heart patients

The effect of warfarin in the blood is measured by the INR test. INR stands for International Normalize Ratio. Its other name is “standardized prothrombin time”, which is a standard ratio between different laboratories.

Its level in healthy people is about 1 and one-tenth (1/1) and the recommended therapeutic levels depend on the patient’s condition, and in most cases, it is between 2 and 3. However, higher levels are required in patients with artificial heart valves.

What drugs is this test not suitable for?

INR testing is not suitable for evaluating coagulation levels in patients taking the following medications.

  • Dabigatran
  • Apixaban
  • Rivaroxaban

The effects of Dabigatran on coagulation can be evaluated qualitatively by the APTT (activated partial thromboplastin time) coagulation test.

How to do dentistry for heart patients

If you have a history of heart disease and are using warfarin, to perform dentistry and tooth extraction, you must first visit and take an INR test. If the result of the INR test is between 2 and 4, the desired tooth will be extracted like a normal patient. Then it is bandaged and after a few days, the dressing is removed from the cavity.

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