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Important tips to maintain oral and dental hygiene in heart patients

Heart attacks are one of the most common diseases in today’s societies and can greatly affect the quality of life of an individual. One of the points that many heart patients should pay attention to is maintaining oral and dental hygiene. Because heart patients may have cardiovascular problems, these problems may cause changes in the blood flow and nutrition of oral and dental tissues, which can lead to oral and dental infections, other oral and dental diseases, and even leading to more cardiovascular problems.

Therefore, maintaining oral and dental hygiene is very important for heart patients, and in this article, some important points for maintaining oral and dental hygiene in heart patients will be discussed.

Keep the mouth clean

Rinsing the mouth and using saliva is one of the ways to keep the mouth clean. However, heart patients should carefully avoid using products containing alcohol. These products can irritate the mouth and cause changes in the gums that can cause bleeding. The most recommended for heart patients is to use salt water or antiseptic solution instead of alcohol products.

Care of artificial teeth

If a cardiac patient has a dental implant, he should seek careful and regular care of his artificial teeth. For example, the patient should use a soft and gentle toothbrush

Using the right toothpaste:

The right toothpaste can be very effective in maintaining the oral and dental health of heart patients. For this purpose, you should use toothpaste with a suitable formulation.

Toothpaste containing fluoride and disinfectant compounds further reduces the bacteria in the mouth and prevents tooth decay. It is very important to choose the right toothpaste to thoroughly wash the teeth and prevent tooth decay and gum diseases.

Following a healthy diet:

Following a healthy diet is very important to maintain oral health, especially for heart patients. Consuming sweet foods and ice cream continuously can aggravate oral and dental diseases.

Instead, eating fruits, vegetables, and calcium-rich foods can help. Also, the consumption of food with low amounts of fat and salt ensures the improvement of the oral and dental health of heart patients.

Performing regular dentistry:

Regular dental visits increase oral hygiene. Heart patients should consult their doctor for dental work. Some heart patients may not be able to undergo some dental procedures due to their oral and dental health, so it is better to visit their doctor and dentist regularly.

Use of antibacterial mouthwashes

Heart patients, due to chronic disease, may have a weak immune system that is sensitive to infectious and bacterial agents. In this situation, the use of antibacterial mouthwashes can be useful as a method of preventing oral and dental infections and maintaining oral and dental hygiene. But before using any kind of mouthwash, you should consult your doctor and prepare and use it if necessary.

Periodic visit to the dentist

Periodic visits to the dentist are very important for heart patients. Heart diseases may hurt the mouth and teeth, so a periodic visit to the dentist in Ottawa can help identify and treat any oral problems, thereby improving the patient’s quality of life.

Heart diseases may have serious and adverse effects on oral health. Therefore, maintaining oral and dental hygiene is very important, especially for heart patients. In this article, tips on maintaining oral and dental hygiene for heart patients were reviewed. Periodic and regular care of the mouth and teeth, eating healthy foods and maintaining a proper weight, drinking enough water, avoiding the consumption of sweet and sticky substances, etc. help to maintain and strengthen the teeth.


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