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Important points after sinus lift

Implant treatment is one of the most practical ways to replace teeth. This treatment is different for upper and lower jaw teeth. If this treatment is for maxillary teeth, it may also require sinus lift treatment. For the success of this treatment, you must know a series of important points after the sinus lift.

What is a sinus lift?

An additional procedure is usually required before implant placement for upper jaw teeth. If it’s been a long time since you’ve lost a tooth, the sinuses usually go down. In this case, there will not be enough space for implant placement. In this way, they direct the floor of the sinus upwards.

Is dizziness after surgery normal?

A series of issues may occur to you after sinus lift treatment. Among the important points after sinus lift is the possibility of dizziness. Dizziness after surgery can occur in several ways.

  Usually, when you get up quickly after the operation, you will feel dizzy. This is a natural issue. In this case, it is better to sit for a few minutes and then get up slowly.

In the second case, you may feel dizzy when you stand. In this case, lie down immediately. Place your feet in such a way that it is higher than the level of your body and especially your head. In this case, more blood reaches your brain. After a few minutes, your problem will be solved.

In the third case, your dizziness may last longer. If you still feel dizzy after a few days after the operation, be sure to see a doctor.

Important points after sinus lift about bleeding after surgery

Bleeding after surgery is a normal thing. After the sinus lift, there is a possibility of bleeding for almost 72 hours after the surgery. Usually, during this period, there is a little bleeding along with reddening of the saliva. This is completely normal. In this case, a series of things can be done. Below are some of the most important issues.

Gas exchange

What should be done if the bleeding is still heavy sometime after the operation?

  • Clean the wound first.
  • Put a new sterile gauze on the wound again.
  • In this case, gas again for half an hour.
  • Bleeding should be reduced.

Important tips for changing sterile gas

  • If you need to replace the sterile gauze, moisten the new gauze with cold water.
  • The new gas must be wet in the mouth.
  • Dry gas absorbs the blood clot and the bleeding remains in place.

Use of tea

If the bleeding continues to be low, the best way is to use tea bags. There is a substance called tannic acid in tea. This substance helps to reduce bleeding by constricting the veins in the injured area. An important point that you should know in this case is to use wet tea bags.

Nose bleeding

After the sinus lift, you may have nosebleeds for a few days. Like the above issues, this is a normal thing and there is nothing to worry about. This may take about three to four days. If this happens, do the following.

  • Try to reduce your movement.
  • sit down
  • Keep your head back.
  • It is recommended to use an ice compress at this time.

If the nosebleed does not stop with these things, see a doctor.

Additional tips after sinus lift surgery

Things you should do for a few days after the operation to reduce bleeding.

  • sit up straight
  • Avoid physical activity.
  • Avoid bending over.
  • Avoid picking up anything that weighs more than one and a half kilograms.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not forcefully spit out your saliva.
  • Do not use a straw.

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