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Implant supporting prostheses

If you wear dentures, chances are you’re no stranger to some of their day-to-day issues, and there’s nothing more appealing than pulling your teeth out before bed to get rid of them, right? Unfortunately, this is just one of the inconveniences of placing dentures in your mouth. Dentures can also slip in your mouth, making it difficult to eat and speak.

Most of the people who use artificial teeth are afraid that these teeth will be thrown out of their mouth while talking or eating with friends, acquaintances and family. Also, if your speech changes, it is more obvious that you are wearing dentures. If you don’t enjoy your daily life and suffer from having artificial teeth, what is the point of having this type of teeth?

Implant prostheses are a wonderful way to create a confident smile and give you the same function and appearance as natural teeth. The implant prosthesis is fixed on four or more implants placed in the jawbone. While traditional dentures are removable and sit on top of the bone, implant dentures are fixed in your mouth and do not need to be removed except by the dentist in Canada for cleaning and examination.

Features of dental implant prosthesis

Implant prostheses are cleaned just like brushing natural teeth, and they no longer need to be removed from the mouth. While chewing or talking, the implant prosthesis will not move in your mouth, so you can participate in social gatherings with confidence and without embarrassment or discomfort.

Implant prosthesis operation is also very easy. As already mentioned in the article what is an implant? It was said that the implants are attached to the bone and thus the prosthesis is kept in place. This not only stabilizes the prosthesis but also prevents them from moving like old dentures. Because traditional dentures sit on top of the bone, there’s nothing holding them in place, so the bone starts to shrink and change the shape of your mouth.

You don’t have to think about your teeth every second of the day. Dental implants can play the role of a real changer in your life. You can live every day in complete peace and confidence. Implant prosthesis will make your life more enjoyable and privileged.


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