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How to do laminate without shaving teeth

Having a beautiful smile always has a great impact on the face. Nowadays, various methods are used to correct the shape and color of teeth, among which we can mention laminate. Unfortunately, to design a smile using the laminate method, it is necessary to shave the tooth enamel. This has caused most people to stop doing this beauty work. Because chipping the enamel of the teeth can cause serious damage to them. Fortunately, today you can use laminate without shaving your teeth to have an attractive smile. Stay with us to provide you with useful information about this dental laminate method.

Is it possible to laminate without shaving teeth?

This question may arise for all those who intend to correct the shape of their teeth. Fortunately, the presence of ceramic veneers has made it possible to have a beautiful smile in a short period without shaving your teeth. The thickness of the laminate without shaving is very low and the whole process is done in 2 days.

It is necessary to know that this method of laminate without shaving teeth is not comparable to the standard way and has much less resistance. But this method will be very suitable for those who are afraid of shaving their teeth but want to cover their imperfections. Installing laminates without shaving teeth is very simple, but you should pay attention to various things in this method.

In laminate without tooth grinding, the teeth of the people must be molded first and then sent to the laboratory according to the customer’s taste and wishes. In normal dental laminate, the design and installation process may take about 30 days. This is while in the method without teeth grinding, the whole process takes 2 sessions. Because uncut laminate has very low coverage, it will only be suitable for people whose teeth have very minor defects. It is recommended that you consult with experienced and skilled dentists before choosing the laminate method.

Installation steps of dental laminate without grinding teeth

As mentioned in the previous section, the preparation steps for installing laminate without tooth grinding are generally done in two sessions. But to install standard laminates, all the steps may take more than a month and you have to visit the dentist for several sessions.

In general, the process of installing laminate without cutting is as follows:

  • When you visit the dentist for the first time, his first action for laminate without the need for cutting is to examine the teeth and diagnose their defects.
  • After examining the teeth, it is time to make a mold.
  • The third step is to send the mold to the laboratory.
  • In this method, unlike the standard method, it is necessary to use a temporary veneer.
  • After one month from the first session, the patient should go to the dentist of his choice for the second session. It should be mentioned that to install laminate without shaving teeth, this must be done under the supervision of specialist dentists so that all teeth defects can be properly fixed with special techniques.

The best dental laminate brand without shaving

It is worth mentioning that uncut laminates are currently produced by various brands. Each of these brands is different in terms of quality and durability. If you are looking for the best laminate brand, we recommend the following:

  • Lumineers ceramic laminate
  • Vivaniers
  • Duration

The above items are among the best laminate brands without teeth grinding and you can choose one of them for a beautiful smile and perfect teeth. Knowing about laminate brands prevents some dentists from charging you a high amount for low-quality services.

The thickness of laminates without the need for cutting

The less the thickness of the laminate without shaving the teeth, the more natural it will be and the more beautiful it will be. Of course, this can also be considered based on the customer’s taste. Fortunately, the thickness of ceramic laminate without tooth grinding is about 3 mm and it looks very natural on the teeth.

Up to this part of the article, we have discussed more about the positive aspects of laminate without teeth grinding. However, it is necessary to know that this method of correcting the shape of the teeth can also have disadvantages and advantages like other methods such as composite or ordinary laminate. Stay with us to explain the positive and negative points of laminates without cutting.

Advantages of laminate without tooth grinding

  • They have very high resistance and durability.
  • To install this type of laminate, there is no need to shave and remove tooth enamel.
  • By using ceramic laminates, you can have a natural and beautiful smile without the need for trimming.
  • They are very thin.
  • The durability of this tooth shape correction method is about 10 years.
  • Choosing the color and size of the laminate is completely based on the customer’s taste.
  • No anesthesia is needed to install them.
  • The teeth will remain completely healthy.
  • After installing the laminate without shaving, it will not be sensitive to cold or heat. This issue is due to not shaving the tooth enamel.
  • In this method, ceramic veneers are exactly bonded to tooth enamel, which is why they have very high strength.

Disadvantages of uncut laminate

  • This method is not suitable for correcting the shape of teeth that have many defects, because the thickness of the laminate is very low without cutting. It is recommended that these people use standard laminates.
  • No-cut laminates cannot cover black teeth.
  • This laminate method is not suitable for crooked and uneven teeth and does not correct their shape. Because crooked teeth need to be shaved.
  • For more coverage, you can increase their thickness, but with this, the laminate no longer has a natural state and loses its beauty.
  • Your dentist must be very skilled in the field of installing laminates without cutting so that the work is done in the best possible way.
  • To maintain the natural state, it is necessary to perform correct and complete polishing.

Characteristics of uncut laminates

To be able to make the right decision to correct the shape of your teeth, it is necessary to become familiar with the characteristics of this type of laminate.

  • The thickness of a high-quality laminate without trimming should be 0.5 mm at most.
  • Because no grinding is done, the tooth enamel will not be damaged.
  • You can remove the laminate from your teeth at any time.
  • This method can solve minor defects such as fullness of lips, narrowness, or shortness of teeth.
  • Also, if your teeth are flawless and healthy, you can benefit from this method to have a more beautiful smile.

Comparison of uncut laminate with normal laminate

At the beginning of the text, we mentioned that the laminate without shaving teeth differs greatly from the normal laminates. But in this section, we are going to talk more about the difference between this shower and the method of correcting the shape of the teeth. For this purpose, it is better to first provide you with a complete and comprehensive definition of normal laminate.

Normal tooth laminate

In general, laminate is a method that is performed for individuals by specialist dentists to correct the shape and color of teeth. This method is performed in two types, ceramic and composite. As it was explained to you from the beginning of the article until now, ceramic laminates are also done in two ways, grinding teeth and without grinding.

It is necessary to know that in the normal laminate method, the surface layer of the tooth is cut so that it becomes completely smooth and polished. Also, in this method, all the black and damaged parts on the surface of the teeth are cut and removed. If the client does not have an occlusal problem and his jaw has grown enough, normal laminate will be the best method to correct the shape of the teeth and replace orthodontics.

Laminate without cutting

Laminate without tooth shaving, which is also called ceramic veneers, is one of the new and excellent methods for correcting the shape of teeth. As it is clear from the name of this type of laminate, it is made of ceramic, which is placed on the tooth as a very thin layer. The appearance of the veneer and its color will be designed according to people’s tastes. This method is very suitable for designing a smile and it is possible to fix all teeth defects such as yellowness, misalignment, fracture, etc.

Laminate without teeth grinding is suitable for those whose teeth have minor defects and who prefer not to have their teeth shaved. This method cannot solve basic problems such as blackness, spots, severe fractures, or crookedness. But normal laminate can solve all these issues well.

Due to its low thickness, uncut laminate has less durability and durability, but normal laminate has better quality and resistance. Generally, two sessions are needed to install dental laminate without cutting. This is when the patient has to go to the dentist for several sessions to perform the normal model. Those who choose the normal laminate to correct the shape of their teeth may be sensitive to heat and cold in the first days due to the grinding of their teeth, which is not the case with the non-shaving method.

Laminate uses

  • Fixing the distance between the teeth
  • Correction of tooth form
  • Discipline
  • Removing stains and darkness on the teeth
  • color change
  • Treatment of crooked teeth
  • Treatment of tooth decay

Care after laminating without cutting

As you know, in general, teeth need constant care to always maintain their health. When you choose to have a more beautiful smile, you need to take special care of your teeth.

For this, it is necessary to do the following things continuously:

  • Floss once a day
  • Quit smoking and other tobacco
  • Visiting the dentist in Richmond Hill once in a while
  • Use toothpaste that contains fluoride.
  • Reducing the consumption of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages if it is possible to leave them
  • Giving up bad habits such as cracking nuts with teeth, biting things, and pressing teeth together

Observing the above will help you to have healthy and beautiful teeth not only for laminating your teeth but also in any situation. Don’t forget that dental health is very important and should be given a lot of attention.


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