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How long is the life of dental composite?

Dental composite is a scientific and advanced method in cosmetic dentistry, with the help of this treatment, you can improve your smile line with a beautiful composite veneer and a natural white composite color without damaging your teeth. With the help of dental composite, you can fix the appearance of teeth defects such as broken, ugly and correct the appearance of the teeth and give yourself a beautiful smile. To answer the question, how long is the life of dental composite? It should be said that the lifespan of composite teeth or the lifespan of composite front teeth is between 5 and 8 years, which primarily depends on the skill of the dentist and then on the care taken after the composite teeth by the individual himself. In the following, we will tell you the necessary instructions for the care after the composite…

How many hours does dental composite take?

To answer the question of how long it takes to place a dental composite, it should be said that the dental composite is done in one session depending on the number of teeth and separately for the upper or lower jaw between 2 and 6 hours. Dental composite is used to correct the following:

  • Discolored teeth.
  • Improving the appearance and size of teeth.
  • Protect the surface of the teeth.
  • Tooth transparency.
  • Filling the space between the teeth or increasing the size of the teeth.

Care after dental composite

Maintenance of dental composite and compliance with hygiene measures can play a significant role in increasing the lifespan of EPS composite or in general increasing the lifespan of dental composite.

  • Maintaining dental hygiene after eating colored foods and chocolates
  • Avoid biting hard foods that may break the dental composite.
  • Using a night guard during nighttime teeth grinding.
  • Biting objects or nails.
  • Brushing teeth after drinking coffee, tea and tobacco.
  • 6-month dental checkups.

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