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Horizontal wisdom tooth surgery

In a situation where the tooth does not have enough space to come out of the gum and gets stuck under the gum, a hidden wisdom tooth is created. Gum disease, caries and other oral and dental problems can be mentioned among the hidden wisdom tooth problems. A horizontal wisdom tooth can cause damage to the adjacent teeth or can be prone to oral diseases.

Problems with wisdom teeth lying horizontally in the lower jaw

  • It causes pain, swelling and pressure.
  • Due to not having enough space, it causes damage to the surrounding teeth.
  • Part of the extracted tooth rots and it becomes difficult to access for cleaning and hygiene.

In this situation, the surgical treatment of the horizontal impacted wisdom tooth should be performed by a dentist specializing in maxillofacial surgery.

Horizontal wisdom tooth cyst of the lower jaw

In some cases, there is a cyst hidden around the wisdom tooth and inside the jaw bone, which may cause bone destruction during growth.

Does wisdom tooth surgery hurt?

In this situation, the maxillofacial surgeon can easily perform the treatment in an outpatient surgery. The process of horizontal wisdom tooth surgery starts with the injection of a local anesthetic and after complete anesthesia of the target area, the treatment begins. Note that the oral and maxillofacial surgery specialist performs all the procedures without pain and with certainty that the area is numb.

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