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Halitophobia: intense fear of bad breath

Spiders, closed spaces, the number 13, the dark, all of these are at the top of the list of factors that most people are afraid of. Sometimes the stress exceeds the normal level and turns into a phobia; a phobia can be defined as a serious and uncomfortable fear that disrupts our normal activities. Sometimes we laugh at this phobia, but the phobia is quite serious and is not something that can be easily gotten rid of. Arachnophobia (fear of spiders), claustrophobia (fear of closed spaces), triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13), and nyctophobia (extreme fear of darkness and night) are common human fears, and sometimes it is very difficult and painful to get rid of them. Is. But what is the problem if your fear is not something like claustrophobia and is not one of those fears that people are familiar with and understand? What if you have bad breath phobia or halitophobia?

What is Halitophobia?

Halitophobia is the fear of bad breath that does not exist. People who suffer from halitophobia think that their mouth smells bad and this bad smell hurts their life. Focusing only on foods and products that eliminate bad breath can aggravate this problem.

It is not at all strange to worry about bad breath before important events such as a first date with someone or a job interview. However, people suffering from halitophobia are constantly thinking about bad breath and this concern disturbs their daily life. A normal fear of bad breath may encourage people to chew gum. But people with the fear of bad breath constantly chew gum, cover their mouths when speaking, and brush their teeth several times a day.

Sometimes, Halitophobia is caused by the problem of halitosis (bad breath). People suffering from Halitophobia usually know the root of their problem when someone in the past has brought the problem of bad breath to them and this has caused them to put all their focus and energy on solving the problem of bad breath. Unfortunately, even after a long period of treatment for halitosis, the fear of halitosis and halitophobia remain with them.

How is Halitophobia diagnosed?

For people who suffer from halitophobia, the first step, go to dentists and consult with them. And as a result, the dental team will be responsible for diagnosing halitosis.

If you think that you have this problem and need help, it is better to talk to a dentist. They will check your oral infection and look for other causes. If they find the cause of bad breath, they will provide you with methods to solve the problem. If they don’t find any signs of bad breath, they suggest you do a test that shows whether you have a bad breath problem or not. If your test does not show that your breath is healthy and your mouth smells bad, your dentist in Canada will give you suggestions for further treatment.

How is Halitophobia treated?

Because halitophobia is not related to your oral health, a dentist cannot treat it. People with halitophobia also need treatment, but the same treatment that other patients with other types of phobias need. Psychotherapists are the best option for the problem of halitophobia. Since there may not be experts in the field of halitophobia around you, you can refer to therapists in the field of phobia to treat your halitophobia problem. It is important to mention that although it is not possible to treat halitophobiasis with dental methods, this problem is physical and must be treated, and those suffering from this disease need care.



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