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Grinding teeth (Bruxism) in children | its causes and treatment

What is tooth grinding (Bruxism)? Grinding teeth occurs when the teeth of two jaws are pressed together and grinded. Grinding teeth is more common in children. If it is not taken care of, it can become a problem.

Grinding teeth in children is usually a natural problem and disappears with time or finally lasts until the teenage years. Grinding teeth in children usually occurs at night and during sleep, which can have various causes. In the following we will discuss the cause of teeth grinding and the treatment of tooth grinding in children.

What is the cause of teeth grinding?

  • Growth of new teeth
  • heavy stress
  • Problems in nutrition and improper diet
  • Irregularity of teeth in both jaws
  • sleep disorders
  • The presence of some diseases and allergies
  • tooth extraction
  • Earache and infection in the ear area
  • Crooked teeth of the child
  • Children with hyperactivity

Destructive effects of teeth grinding

  • Abrasion of tooth enamel
  • breaking teeth
  • Increased sensitivity to temperature changes
  • Severe pain in the face and jaw

What are the ways to diagnose teeth grinding?

Most children are unaware of the existence of teeth grinding, and parents are usually aware of the existence of this disorder, whose symptoms include:

  • The sound of grinding teeth when a child is sleeping
  • Pain in the jaw and voice
  • Feeling pain when chewing food

What are the methods to prevent teeth grinding?

As we said in the article about late fall of milk teeth, as soon as the first tooth of the child erupts, the child’s teeth should be regularly examined by a pediatric dentist.

Grinding teeth in children decreases and disappears over time, but during this period and even before that, the child should be under the supervision of a pediatric dentist. Because this work makes the detection of grinding teeth faster. The cause and treatment of teeth grinding in children under 2 or 3 years should be done earlier and the occurrence of destructive and severe injuries should be prevented.

Treatment of teeth grinding in children

A tooth protector can be used to treat grinding teeth. This device is placed on the teeth and is similar to the teeth protectors used by athletes to reduce the pressure on the teeth and reduce the severity of decay to zero.

Another method of treating teeth grinding in children is to relax the child. Because this problem mostly originates from the stress and pressure hidden in the child, which can be treated by doing things that calm the child, for example, by playing soothing music, massaging the back and parts of the child’s body, taking a warm bath and, in general, spending enough time with the child and listening to him can be very effective.

Today, teeth grinding is common in children, a small amount of which is normal, but if it repeats frequently and has an upward trend, it should be treated by a pediatric dentist over time so that it does not become a problem. Today, environmental conditions have a direct effect on children and the occurrence of this problem, and to solve it, it is better to provide environmental conditions away from stress for our children, so that, by having a calmer mood, as well as comfortable sleep and healthy nutrition, we can improve the condition of our children and also avoid problems. Let’s prevent common oral diseases in our children.

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