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Gingivitis in pregnancy

Having a healthy life and nutrition during pregnancy is very important. The quality of life of the mother is very important from various points of view such as mental, nutritional, and physical. One of the points that most mothers do not pay much attention to is oral health during pregnancy. One of the problems that often happens during this period is inflammation of the gums.

Gingivitis in pregnancy

Research has shown that pregnant women usually have various types of gum disease. These mothers are more at risk of pregnancy complications. Usually, these mothers have a premature birth and low birth weight more than other women.

Gum disease

Gum disease is a chronic inflammatory disease caused by bacteria. During this bacteria attack the gum tissues and damage them. In severe cases of inflammation, the underlying bone is affected by the infection. Usually, these bones degenerate. Finally, the person may even lose her tooth.

Apart from decay and loose teeth, there are other problems for the body. Gum infection is related to other systemic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. As mentioned above, this disease causes many problems in pregnant women. Among these problems is the premature birth of the mother.

Why do gingivitis and gum infections occur during pregnancy?

The most important cause of gingivitis and infection during pregnancy is hormonal changes in a woman’s body. During pregnancy, many changes occur in the hormonal secretions of the mother’s body. For example, progesterone levels change during pregnancy. These changes create the basis for the growth of bacteria that cause gum diseases. Gum diseases include gingivitis or mild gum infection and periodontitis or severe gum infection.

During pregnancy, the gums become more sensitive to plaque and mass. Usually, 45% of pregnant women suffer from gingivitis. This disease is also called pregnancy gingivitis or pregnancy inflammation. If the person had gum disease before pregnancy, his condition worsens during pregnancy.

What is the relationship between gum infection in pregnancy and premature birth?

One of the complications caused by gum infection during pregnancy was labor. Several studies have so far shown the connection between gum inflammation and infection and premature birth in pregnant women. Pregnant women with chronic gum disease are usually four to seven times more likely to have premature births than pregnant women with healthy gums. Delivery is usually done before the 37th week of pregnancy.

In addition, the low weight of the child at the time of birth is one of its complications. Mothers with severe gum infections usually gave birth at 32 weeks of pregnancy. It is not yet clear whether treating gum disease reduces the risk of preterm birth.

What is the relationship between a child’s low birth weight and gum infection?

Women who have gum infections during pregnancy give birth to babies with lower birth weights. In general, children who weigh less than two and a half kilos at birth have more problems. Problems such as motor skills, social development, or even the ability to learn. These complications are also observed in children who are born at least three weeks early. Among these problems, we can mention pulmonary, digestive, vision, or hearing problems.

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