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Foods useful for teeth

It is sure that when we talk about good oral and dental hygiene, we mean prevention. Having good eating habits and regular oral hygiene is the best way to have healthy teeth. Good habits such as using proper techniques in brushing and flossing daily, help to remove plaque and bacteria in the mouth and teeth and reduce the effect of stains on our teeth. Another vital factor for the health of teeth and gums is a proper diet. First of all, the mouth is the starting point of the digestive system, and the food we eat can be both beneficial and harmful to oral health.


You should know that red meat is a rich source of phosphorus. Phosphorus is one of the main components of tooth enamel, so consuming red meat helps rebuild your teeth and strengthens them.


Milk contains a lot of calcium and vitamin D, which helps teeth health a lot. Vitamin D and calcium work together because our body needs some vitamin D to absorb calcium

An onion:

Problems related to teeth and gums often arise due to the activity of bacteria in our mouths. Destroy the bacteria in your mouth and teeth by eating onions that have antimicrobial properties. It is recommended to use onion as a seasoning in soups, salads, and fried foods


Spinach can keep your mouth and teeth clean. You should chew spinach a lot because of its high fiber content, which increases saliva production, and also the act of chewing cleans food particles from your teeth.


Use fat-free yogurt as a healthy source of calcium. Remember that calcium is a vital nutrient for healthy teeth


Because cheese contains a lot of calcium, it is very suitable for maintaining dental health

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