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Food consumption and tooth decay

Tooth decay is the most common infectious disease in human society. According to a dentist in Hamilton, various types of research and scattered statistics show that more than 90% of people in society must have a decayed tooth in their mouth, and the number of decayed teeth in the group of children aged 6 to 12 years. Is high in this article, we are talking about tooth decay.

Food consumption and tooth decay

Tooth decay is still the biggest threat to adult teeth. The dietary cause of decay is quite clear. As various dentists around the world mention, reduce the consumption and especially the abundance of food and drinks containing sugar. In this case, it is used for both adults and children.

Root decay of teeth

Root decay usually occurs in adults. The etiology of root caries is similar to halo caries. Therefore, dietary advice to prevent root caries is the same as dietary advice to prevent halo caries.

Therefore, counseling should be aimed at reducing both the amount of sugar consumed and the frequency of sugar consumption.

General points about the effect on the teeth

There are a series of small but important tips about different life conditions that have a significant impact on the health of the mouth and teeth. These points are sometimes so small that no one cares about them. But over time, these small points have their destructive effects on the teeth. We will read some of the most important points together.

Consumption and decay

Practically, the amount and frequency of consumption and tooth decay are very similar to each other, so the possibility that a decrease in one of these two cases will cause a decrease in the other is high.

Eating habits

Lifestyle affects eating habits to a great extent. People at work have less time to eat snacks than people at home.


The results of adult dental health surveys have shown that women experience more dental disease than men, but this may be a reflection of different root preservation methods rather than different eating habits.


There is anecdotal evidence of the occurrence of basic caries that occurs in retired men, with the content that the caries are caused by eating too many snacks, which is the cause of a lot of unemployment.

Being in the kitchen

For most people, the warmest room in the house is often the kitchen, which makes people eat more.


Social gatherings for the elderly often involve tea and biscuits. While such social gatherings are very desirable for life improvement, it may be necessary to carefully test the dietary requirements of such habits in a small proportion of people.

Caries in adults

Adults over 60-65 years of age get more of their energy from external non-dairy sugars than adults under 65-65 years of age. There is a strong tendency for higher levels of packaged sugar purchases by older to younger households.

The effect of sugar on teeth

As people keep their natural teeth longer, the association of non-sugar sweeteners increases. Primary sugar substitute foods for children were soft drinks, sugar, and medications. This list seems to be suitable for adults as well.

Tea, coffee, and other hot beverages may be more popular than non-alcoholic beverages for adults, and the use of non-sugar sweeteners can be of significant benefit, especially since these older adults have been accustomed to sweeten hot drinks.


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