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Fixing teeth without orthodontics

Disorganized teeth is a common problem among most people. Teeth straightening with orthodontics is prescribed by an orthodontist in the first step for messed up teeth. But among these, there are other methods such as straightening teeth without orthodontics and treating crooked teeth without orthodontics. We will examine these methods in the following.

Aligning teeth with composite

After the method of aligning the teeth with orthodontics, in other situations, the first way that may be done to treat the misalignment of the teeth with low severity is to align the teeth with a composite. The method of straightening crooked teeth with composite is used in such a way that a material called composite resin is formed on the tooth. In addition to straightening teeth with composite, composite is used to repair broken teeth, close the gap between teeth or diastema, correct discolored teeth, and fill teeth. Keep in mind that in order to align the teeth with a composite, the dentist must first come to a conclusion after examining the teeth, which treatment is most suitable for you. Also, you should have consulted a dentist before treating crooked teeth with composite.

Aligning teeth with laminate

In this method, if there is no severe dental misalignment, you can use the method of straightening the teeth with laminate. In addition to straightening the teeth with less clutter, dental lamination improves color, whitens teeth, and increases tooth strength.

The importance of cleaning teeth

  1. You will have a more beautiful smile with neat teeth.
  2. Oral hygiene is easier.
  3. The gums will be less susceptible to gum infection.
  4. The risk of tooth decay is very high in dental clutter.

Keep in mind that severely misaligned teeth can only be treated and corrected with orthodontics. Other methods for severely disorganized teeth do not have the permanent effect of orthodontics. Because orthodontics correct the skeletal structure of the palate, jaw and teeth. People believe that there are home remedies for teeth straightening. This is a misconception. Don’t look for how to straighten our teeth at home..!

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